Friday, February 26, 2016

Taking A Break

I apologize for my long absence from this blog, and my perfunctory posts of late.

There's a family health crisis going on. When such things happen, fashion and pretty much everything else take a back seat. My sister is not doing well. Since she was the one person who talked to me regularly about what I wrote on this blog, plus a lot of other things, I've lost interest in posting. Not that my other readers don't matter, but since very few people comment, it's hard to worry about interacting with an audience that I'm not sure is there, taking an interest in what I write. I'd write anyway; I enjoy writing. But right now I'm focused on what's going on with my family, which is not an appropriate topic for this blog.

So I hope you will understand that I need to take a break from this blog for an undetermined length of time. I will respond to any comments, but I won't be doing any new posts for the time being.

Take care, and be well.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Blue Jeans Go Green! From Cotton Inc.

Here's a great website I just found in an email from Cotton Inc. They collect denim to be recycled into insulation! All kinds of denim, too - jeans, shirts, skirts, jackets and more.  Help keep textiles out of landfills and recycle your denim.

Blue Jeans Go Green