Saturday, October 3, 2015

Closet Storage Solutions

Closet Storage Solutions
Drop-Front Shoe Boxes, Clear Watertight Totes, Command Adhesive Brushed Nickel Hook.  All from The Container Store. 

Last week, I finished the Apartment Therapy 10-Step Closet Cure.  My closet still needs some work, as I need to get out my fall/winter clothes and get them laundered.  It was still too warm when I was finished with the Closet Cure to wear fall clothes.  Now, however, NYC is getting cooler weather.  It's 57* outside today.  Last week, the night-time temps dipped down into the low 40's.  I had to turn on the heat.  

I still need to clean the walls, floors and storage bins in my closet.  Not looking forward to that!

I didn't take pictures of the big bag of donations I had for the Department of Sanitation's pilot curbside donation pickup program.  I was just so happy to get that bag out of the house!  My roommate took our donations out to the recycling/trash area.  She didn't see anyone else had donation bags, so it's possible we were the only people to get them.   

The tenth, and final step of the Closet Cure was to figure out what kind of storage solutions your closet needs.  I determined that I need shoe and boot storage, and a few heavy-duty hooks so I can hang my totes, backpack and everyday handbag on the inside of my closet door.  When I'm not using my tote bags, I store them in the backpack, so I just need two heavy-duty Command hooks.  I thought the containers and hook above from The Container Store would be the best solutions.  However, I don't think these purchases are going to be happening anytime soon.  It will take me a minute to save up the funds.  Especially since The Container Store has ridiculous shipping charges, last I checked.  

One thing I was able to do was to purchase black velvet flocked hangers for my closet.  I don't buy into the "all your hangers have to be the same to achieve a uniform look" business.  I have a mix of wooden hangers and flocked hangers.  The flocked hangers work better for light-weight garments like fleece sweaters, sports jackets, and shirts.  The wooden hangers are better for heavier garments, like jeans, pants, skirts and suit jackets.  I bought the wooden hangers a long time ago from The Container Store.  I recently bought some cedar skirt hangers from Bed Bath & Beyond, and the black velvet flocked suit hangers from  I don't mix the wooden hangers with the flocked hangers, so it looks pretty uniform.