Sunday, June 7, 2015

California Dreaming

California Dreaming
Gray Anorak - Woman Within.  Denim Shirt, Mineral Blue Elbow Sleeve V-Neck Tee, Denim Jeans - J. Jill.  Silver Arizona Birkenstock Sandal.  Red and White Tote. 

This is what I wore to therapy on Thursday.  The clinic where I go for treatment is close to the ocean, so I decided to go for a seaside vibe.  The seaside I chose was Southern California, even though here in Staten Island we're on the Atlantic seaboard.  A girl can dream, right?  What I've been dreaming about is warmer weather!

It's been a chilly summer so far here in New York, even though supposedly this past May was the hottest one on record, with many days over 80*.  The beginning of June, however, has been chilly and rainy, and Thursday was no exception.  Temperatures have been from the 50's to the 60's.  It's 70* and sunny right now, on Sunday afternoon.  

I wore my jeans cuffed, like boyfriend jeans, and dared the double-denim trend by wearing a denim shirt over a blue t-shirt.  I topped it with a gray anorak.  

I wasn't actually wearing the parka as shown in the picture; the coat has a zip-out lining, and you can wear it as a water-proof anorak in the warmer months.  So it's like you get two coats in one!  The fur detaches from the hood, too.  The shell is nice and light, and very comfortable, and breathable.  I hate to tell you how much I paid for the coat.  I won a gift certificate from (f/k/a in a Summer Suitcase sweepstakes.  The gift certificate was for $100, which most definitely came in handy when I was shopping for my wardrobe last September.  The coat was somewhat over $100.  With the gift certificate, I ended up paying about $25 for the coat, including tax and shipping and handling.  So, thank you again,!  Don't worry, I wrote them a nice "thank you" e-mail at the time. 

I'm getting used to the Birkis.  It's a little difficult to walk in them initially.  They look so cute, it's hard to resist them, though! 

Back in 2007, I had one of those LL Bean Boat 'n Tote bags custom-made for me, and this is the tote I've been using this summer:

It's the small size tote.  It's looking somewhat the worse for wear.  I have a really nice Coach tote, but I hesitate to drag it around with me for everyday use.  It's the kind of handbag I would use for occasions like business meetings or occasions when I want to kick my outfit up a notch. 

I hope you are enjoying the start of summer where you are.