Saturday, February 7, 2015

Carryall Bag Organization

Personal Care Kit
Clear cosmetic bag with front zip pouch.  Garment Care: Shout Wipe & Go stain remover cloths, Singer sewing kit.  Lip Care: Lipstick, EOS lip balm, Carmex lip balm, Burt's Bees lip gloss.  Hand Care: Cala emery boards, Purell hand sanitizer, Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream.  Beauty: L'Occitane L'Arlesienne solid perfume, compact mirror, wide-tooth comb.  First Aid and Health Aids: Band-Aids, Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit, Halls cough drops, tissues. 
Personal Care Kit by beautyandserendipity featuring perfume fragrances

So, a few months ago, in November, I went a little overboard and went on a shopping spree.  One of the things I bought during this online shopping spree was the cosmetic bag above.  I was feeling a little ... shall we say, exuberant late one night, and I decided to organize my everyday tote bag to the best of my ability.  It contained a collection of various small cosmetic bags, none of them clear, so I had no idea what was in them.   I dumped everything in my tote bag, including the contents of all the cosmetic bags, onto my bed (what the heck, I wasn't sleeping in it) and sorted out what I needed, what could be put away somewhere else, and what I could discard.  When I was done and had just the things I needed in my bag in front of me, I sat down and made a list of everything, grouped by related items.  My ID cards, insurance cards, bank cards and gift cards I put into my RFID card case, so my information can't be stolen when I'm out and about.  I sorted my documents and papers into my Filofax, so I'd have them handy when I needed them.  I don't keep my keys in my bag unless I'm going somewhere.  

My personal care items, as you see above, went into the clear cosmetic bag, which I purchased on Cosmetic Bag.  It contains everything, with some room to spare.  It helps keep me comfortable, organized and prepared for the day.  

Here are some photos of the tote bag and contents:

 From left to right: LL Bean Boat 'n Tote Canvas Bag, Filofax, personal care kit, wallet, tissues, RFID card case, Hello Kitty pen/pencil case.  

 The tote bag.  It's an LL Bean Boat 'n Tote bag, which I had custom-made and monogrammed.  

 The contents of the bag: Filofax, personal care kit, wallet, tissues, RFID card case, Hello Kitty pen/pencil case.  

 Filofax, personal care kit and wallet.  In the front pouch, you can see lipstick, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, comb, nail file, and Shout stain removing wipes.  In the larger pouch: Halls cough drops, band-aids, First Aid kit, solid perfume, and tissue compact with mirror.

 The Hello Kitty pen/pencil case and RFID card case.  I love my Hello Kitty pen case.  For someone who loves to write and goes to meetings where no one seems to have brought a pen, it's very useful.  I keep extra pens, markers, highlighters, and whiteout tape in there. 

It's made a big improvement in my tote bag, which used to be a scene of chaos and confusion.  Now everything is neatly organized, and I can see everything.  It helps that I clean it out and organize it once a week, too.  

 Do you have a system for keeping the contents of your handbag, work bag or tote bag organized?