Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fall 2014 Purchases and Fall/Winter Wardrobe Overhaul

Fall 2014 Purchases

Back in September, I did a complete overhaul of my wardrobe.  I was forced to do this because I had gained weight.  It's amazing how easy it is to gain weight, and how hard it is to take it off, right?  This is especially true once one passes a certain age. 

I had to let go of a lot of clothes that no longer fit me.  I bought new clothes that fit, so I had to make room for them in my closet and armoire.  In hindsight, I wish I had taken "before and after" photos, so you could get a better idea of the situation before I did the overhaul, and how much work it entailed.  

It took me the entire month of September to accomplish this task.  I knew I had gained weight, so when it came time for the Labor Day and Fall pre-season sales, I measured myself in preparation for buying new pants, sweaters, belts, jackets and a coat for fall and winter.  Coach was having its bi-annual clearance sale, so naturally I had to pick up a new tote bag, too.  I love my snapdragon and regatta blue LL Bean canvas Boat 'n Tote, but for the cold months I thought something sturdier and more formal would be appropriate.  Here it is February and I've used it once: for the NAMI Holiday Party in December.  Don't worry, little Coach tote.  Your time will come.  

Once I received everything I ordered, I went through my closet and my armoire and tried on everything - jackets, pants, tops, skirts, dresses, sweaters, spring and summer clothes, and fall and winter clothes.  I made three piles: donate, discard and laundry. 

Here are the donation bags, ready and waiting by the door to get picked up by the Vietnam Veterans of America:  

Here are the clothes in the laundry bags, all nice and clean after they came back from the laundromat:

After I had cleared out all the clothes that no longer fit, and put away all the clean, new clothes, this is what my armoire and closet looked like:  

I think it looks pretty neat!  I added the Febreze Stick 'n Refresh dispensers in the armoire and closet, to combat the dread, foul odor that permeates them.  On the top shelf, left to right, are my fleece sweaters, vests, microfiber fleece scarves, hat and gloves, and the purple afghan my mom crocheted for me way back in 1977.  Second shelf from top, left to right: workout wear, panties, white t-shirts.  In boxes: garment care kit and miscellaneous stuff.  Third shelf, left to right: Workout pants and jackets, fleece and wool sweaters, merino wool sweaters, casual pants.  Bottom shelf, left to right: long sleeve tees, and short sleeve tees. 
Sock drawer!  Organized by color. 
Bra drawer!
Top shelf of closet.  On top, left to right: Handbags in dust bags, shoebox with snakeskin my Dad brought back from New Guinea, where he was stationed during WWII.  Middle, left to right: Stationery my roommate's sister made by hand, black handbag, shoes, red carryall.  Bottom, left to right: Evening bag and shoes, clothing and leather care kits, and shoes. 
Left to right: Belts, handbag in dust bag, jackets, jeans and pants, skirts, jackets and scarves.
The whole enchilada.  

This is the inside of the door of the closet now, after adding Command Hooks.  I have color charts to help me figure out which colors look good together, and finally, a place to hang my belts. 
The reason the whole project took so long was because I had to wait until I received everything I ordered for fall/winter, I had to get the Febreze Stick 'n Refresh dispensers, and I had to wait until everything came back from the laundromat.  The whole process of trying on clothes took about three hours.  I worked on both my spring and fall wardrobes, so I won't have to do this over again in May of this year (I hope!).  I think I sent everything to the laundromat the next day, and I got it back that day.  What took so long was waiting for everything I bought to be delivered. 

I hope you enjoyed this tour inside the realm of my wardrobe.  Not as interesting as Narnia, but at least no one will threaten you with permanent frostbite.