Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NAMI NYC Staten Island's 24th Annual Awards Celebration Dinner

NAMI NYC Staten Island's 24th Annual Awards Celebration Dinner
Top Row:  J. Jill Sloan V-Neck Sweater, Lane Bryant Lena Pants, LL Bean Trench Coat, The Body Shop LOVE ETC.  Bottom Row:  Black Crew Socks, Aerosoles Army Loafers in Croco, Coach Satchel, Amethyst Pendant, Blue Lace Agate Pendant.


This past Thursday, October 23rd, 2014, was NAMI NYC Staten Island's 24th Annual Awards Celebration Dinner.  The event was well-attended.  The mental health community of Staten Island gathered to honor three unique individuals for their accomplishments in support of mental health on Staten Island.  They were:  Rachid Ottley, Peer Specialist at South Beach Psychiatric Center and NAMI NYC Staten Island Board Member; Cathy Holladay, Executive Director of Sky Light Center, a psychosocial clubhouse on Staten Island; and New York State Assemblyman Michael Cusick, of the 63rd District.   Congratulations and many thanks to the honorees on their dedicated work on behalf of people living with psychiatric illness and their families.  

I was smart to go for comfort rather than high style, because I was on my feet a lot that evening!  My friend Patty picked me up after 4 PM, and we got to the venue, LiGreci's Staaten, around 5 PM (rush hour traffic on Staten Island being what it is).  Once there, we went to work getting the room ready for the event.  Various businesses and individuals had donated gift baskets for the raffles, so those were placed on tables in the back of the room, and labeled.  Centerpieces were placed on the diners' tables, as well as programs, a list of the baskets and raffles, and the journal.  This dinner was a fundraiser, and the journal and raffles are a big part of the fundraising.  

As people came in for the awards dinner at 6 PM, there was a lot of meeting and greeting for me to do, so, more running around!  Then the staff began serving the dinner and the ceremony got underway.  Everyone gave beautiful speeches, which all touched on the main themes of the evening:  helping people with psychiatric illness and their families get the services they need, and how those services can be improved, and how successful people can be once they are getting the care and support that can most benefit them.  

After the evening ended around 9 PM, we did the breakdown, collecting the printed material and centerpieces from the tables so the staff could clear everything off the tables.  We left about 9:30, and I got home a little after 10 PM.  It was a long evening, but well worth it! 

A word on my fragrance, LOVE ETC., which The Body Shop has discontinued:  I get many compliments on it.  One of my friends likes it so much that she went looking for it online and the lowest price she was able to find for it was $100!  I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out of it.  It's a lovely floriental.  I'll be hard-pressed to find something I like as much, that's so popular.  I like French perfume, so I may be paying a visit to the makeup and fragrance counters at the local Macys.  There was a really nice place on Staten Island called Scentimental Journey, which sold perfume oils, bath and shower products, and all manner of good-smelling stuff, but they've gone out of business.  They made really nice patchouli and vanilla oils, that delivered a really nice scent when they were combined.  Fortunately, L'Occitane opened a store in the Staten Island Mall, so that may be worth investigating, too.  They have some nice fragrances.