Saturday, September 20, 2014

Therapy Day, and a Run to the Deli for Cookies

Therapy Day, and a Run to the Deli for Cookies
Top Row: Cookie Dough Oreos, J. Jill Tried and True Slim-Fit Ankle Jeans, Lane Bryant White V-Neck Tee, Nexxus Humectress, The Body Shop LOVE ETC, EOS Lip Balm.  Bottom Row: J. Jill Corduroy Jacket, LL Bean Floral Scarf, Pink and Blue Tote Bag, Cordovan Leather Belt, J. Jill Watercolor Scarf, Propet Walking Shoes, J. Jill Denim Shirt. 

Today was a fun kinda day.  I was sleepy during therapy, so she let me go early so I could go home and take a nap.  Then I proceeded to nod out everywhere:  while waiting for my cab, in the cab, and finally I crashed into a two-hour nap when I got home.  Such is the price of insomnia.

I wore the white tee and jeans today.  I wore the J. Jill Watercolor Scarf and Denim Shirt (working the Canadian Tuxedo) to my therapy appointment, and the J. Jill Corduroy Jacket and LL Bean Floral Scarf to the deli.  Good thing, too, since I ran into the neighbor downstairs and finally told him my real name.  For some reason, he's been calling me "Cathy" for the past four years.  He got my former roommate's name wrong, too.  He said he was all confused.  I just said, "Now you're not anymore."  Let that be a lesson to you, kids: Don't smoke weed.  You'll walk around in a perpetual state of confusion. 

The Nexxus Humectress conditioner is working out really well, but I've only used it twice and it seems like the tube is half-empty (or half-full, if you're an optimist).  Don't know if I'll be buying it again. 

The Cookie Dough Oreos are highly recommended. 

(Just did spell check.  How is it that "Oreo" is not a word in the dictionary?!)