Sunday, September 14, 2014

Shopping for the Fall Season

Shopping for the Fall Season
Top Row:  J. Jill Sloan V-Neck Sweater in Gray Merino Wool, J. Jill Smooth Fit Straight-Leg Jeans.  Bottom Row:  Men's Leather Belt with Classic Edge Stitching from, Cropped Denim Jacket in Stonewash from 

Tomorrow I'm planning on doing the seasonal switch from the summer wardrobe to the fall wardrobe.  These were some items I know I'm going to need, because I grew out of the old items (the belts and the denim jacket) and the other two I don't have.  

I'm feeling pressured to buy a classic white button-down shirt, but there really is no place for it in my current lifestyle.  I work from home most of the time, and while I do like to look nice when I go out to a meeting, or to run errands or attend events, those occasions never call for conservative business attire.  Woven button-down shirts irritate my skin, so it's going to be knits and soft fabrics for me, now that I don't have to dress conservatively for work.  

I also felt pressured to buy a leather moto jacket, just to say, "Look at me!  I'm trendy!"  Denim jackets are really more my style, though, and more versatile.  If it gets dirty, I can just throw it in the wash.  No dry cleaning involved.  

I'm actually looking forward to the cooler weather and wearing jackets again.