Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall 2014 Purchases - Read It And Weep!

Fall 2014 Purchases
Top Row: Cacique Seamless Panty in Cafe Mocha, Sassy Panty in Pink, Smooth Satin Full Coverage Bra.  Middle Row:  J. Jill  Sloan V-Neck Pullover in Blue Bell, Sea Breeze and Gray; Cross-Town Coat in Red.  Woman Within Denim Jacket in Stonewash, Parka in Gray.  Bottom Row:  J. Jill Smooth Fit Straight Leg Jean in Atlantic Wash, Tried & True Slim Ankle Jean in Black Wash.  Coach Poppy Small Tote Signature C in Metallic Outline Fabric.  King Size Leather Belt with Classic Stitched Edge.

 In the interest of full disclosure, and also to keep me honest and reassure folks that I didn't go on a manic spending spree (though I know it looks like that from the Polyvore set above), I'm going to post the SHOCKING!!! results of online shopping excursions.  So you can judge for yourselves whether I made out like a bandit or got screwed with my pants on.  

The totals for the Cacique items are as follows:

Bras:  $93.16 for 4 (BOGO 1/2 off)
Seamless panties: $48.00 for 5
Cotton briefs: $37.50 for 5

Total spent at Lane Bryant:  $178.66

Totals for J. Jill items:

Sweaters in Blue Bell and Sea Breeze:  $116.55
Sweater in Gray: $59.25
Cross-Town Coat:  $66.49
Smooth Fit Straight Leg Jean in blue denim: $89.25
Tried & True Slim Ankle Jean in black, total for 3 pair: $79.77

Total spent at J. Jill:  $411.31

Totals for items:

Denim Jacket: $39.99
Parka: $22.20
Belts: $55.98

Total spent at  $118.17

Total for Coach Tote:  $89.00
Total spent:  $797.14

Excuse me, I have to lie down now.  I think I'm going to be sick.  At least I'll look good this fall and winter.  I guess we know what the verdict is ...