Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Facilitating a Support Group

Facilitating a Support Group
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Yesterday, Tuesday, August 12, 2014, I led a support group along with my friend Dwight.  We've been facilitating this support group for about a month now.  It's at an outpatient clinic, and it's called the Partial Hospital Program.  The people in the program are transitioning from being in the hospital and back to their lives.  It can be a rough transition, to go from being in a psychiatric inpatient unit, to going back to your day-to-day life in the community.  Often a person has to return to facing and coping with the same situations that put them in the hospital in the first place.  

Considering the late Robin Williams' tragic passing, I have to say that's one of the main reasons why I do the volunteer work that I do with the National Alliance on Mental Illness ... support, advocacy and education.  I've known people who have completed suicide, and it's heartbreaking.  You always wonder if there wasn't something that could have been done or said that would have made a difference.  There really isn't.  When someone is that depressed, they usually believe that they are a burden to the people they love.  Depression is the Great Dissembler - it makes you believe things that aren't true, like no one loves you, your family hates you, all your friends are against you, there's no hope, there is no end in sight to your problems, and you can't imagine an end to the pain.  None of that is true - situations change, an hour or a day or a week may make all the difference in your situation if you can just hang on.  

Here's a suicide hotline, in case you or anyone you know is suffering:  1-800-273-TALK.  Reach out, talk to someone, get help.

Take care, and be well!