Friday, June 13, 2014

NAMI Information Meeting

NAMI Information Meeting
From left to right: J. Jill Ballet Sleeve U-neck T-shirt, J. Jill Airy Scarf, Lane Bryant Black Ponte Knit Jacket, Lane Bryant Lena Fit Pants, Aersoles Army Loafers, Pelle Leather Shoulder Bag, Burt's Bees Summer Fruit Lip Gloss.

Wednesday night (6/11/2014) was the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Information Meeting.  This month the subject was Health Homes, which are not brick and mortar buildings, but rather a collection of providers and agencies under a Care Manager who oversees the mental and physical healthcare of people on Medicaid who have chronic conditions, or who have frequent hospitalizations and visits to the emergency room, whether for psychiatric reasons or for health reasons.  The Health Homes initiative was developed by New York City government as a method of holding down costs incurred by frequent users of the healthcare system who are on Medicaid.  

The weather in NYC has been wacky of late, in that sometimes it's cool and rainy, and sometimes it's hot and sunny, and you can have both of those conditions in the same day.  It was cool and rainy that night, so I wore a long-sleeved t-shirt, scarf and jacket in addition to my trench coat (not pictured).  Unfortunately, once we were in the venue, which is a basement in an office building, me and everybody else in the place were uncomfortably warm and humid.  I asked someone to turn on the air conditioner, and they were able to turn on the fan on the A/C, so that provided some relief.  

I got many compliments on my outfit, the scarf in particular.  People were quite taken with it.  I like it, and I think it will be getting a lot of play in my summer wardrobe rotation. 

I'm not too happy with the Burt's Bees lip gloss.  It's more like a lip stain.  It stays on, but it dries out, so it's more like a matte lipstick than a lip gloss.  It doesn't dry evenly, though, so I had splotchy looking red lips.  Save your money; you can do better.