Sunday, June 8, 2014

At A Health Fair

At A Health Fair
On the Body: Body Glide Anti-Chafe, Banana Boat Kids SPF 50.  Wearing:  Lane Bryant Striped V-neck Tee, Propet Walking Sneakers, Ultrafino Panama Fedora Hat, J. Jill Long Crinkle Scarf, J. Jill Linen Pants.  In the Bag:  LaRoche-Posay Antehelios Sunscreen SPF 60, EOS Lip Balm, Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream, Camelbak Water Bottle. 
Yesterday, Saturday, I was volunteering for NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) at a Health Fair that was sponsored by the Staten Island Community Partnership Program.  We had a fine day for it!  The weather was gorgeous, especially when we all first arrived to set up for the fair, because the basketball courtyard where the fair was being held was shaded by beautiful, tall oak trees.  

However, as we were warned, during the day, the shade dissipated and we were soon broiling in the sun.  Not to fear!  I had brought water with me, and sunscreen for the body (Banana Boat Spray-on Mist) and for the face (LaRoche-Posay Antehelios), as well as a hat, which kept me shaded and cool, and prevented my poor little head, face and neck from being sunburned.  I'm one of those people who looks like a well-done lobster after 15 minutes in the sun.  When I worked in the city, I would get sunburned just going out for a walk on my lunch hour.  I've been using sunscreen since before it was chic.  Same thing with hats.  Yesterday my hat and sunscreens kept me from getting burned and overheating in the sun, and the water kept me hydrated.  When I started feeling bad because I was hungry (the food was a long time in coming), my partner in crime, Patty, held down the fort with her friend that she brought along for the ride, and I went to get lunch at the local Subway. 

I consider that we had a pretty successful day, because we gave out plenty of literature, and made many new connections with people in the community, as well as other agencies.  

And now I'm missing "Game of Thrones"!!!  Gotta go!