Sunday, June 29, 2014

Boardwalk Bash Health Fair

Boardwalk Bash Health Fair
Top Row, left to right: Ultrafino Panama Fedora, Body Glide Anti-Chafe, Carmex Lip Balm.  Second Row:  Lane Bryant Black and White Striped V-Neck Tee, J. Jill Pull-On Linen Pants in Black, Banana Boat Kids Spray Mist Sunscreen SPF 50, La Roche Posay Antehelios Sunscreen SPF 60.  Bottom Row:  Chaco Sandals, Walgreens Aloe Vera Sensitive Skin Gel, Contigo Water Bottle. 

Friday, June 27, 2014, I was at the Midland Beach Boardwalk Bash, which is a health fair for senior citizens, but obviously anyone can come.  I was staffing the table for NAMI NYC Staten Island, with my friend Patty, and her friend Tiffany.  Many people came to the table and we gave away plenty of literature and helped dozens of people. 

Since we were going to be out in the sun for several hours, and both Patty and I are fair, I took a supply of sun care products with me:  Banana Boat Spray Mist Sunscreen for Kids, SPF 50; La Roche Posay Antehelios Sunscreen, SPF 60, for the face; and aloe vera gel, to help with any sunburn.  The sunscreen came in handy, because I had to reapply, and a woman came to the table, asking for sunscreen for her child.  Patty thoughtfully packed a good amount of water and fresh fruit, which we needed to cool down and fortify ourselves. 

I have to be careful in the sun.  Even though I enjoyed being at the beach and outdoors, I found myself getting irritable and restless, at which point I would either go for a walk, or I'd drink some water, and then I would feel better. 

It was a successful day, even if I did get too much sun.  It's for a good cause!

Here I am at the NAMI NYC Staten Island table.   Patty was nice enough to put up the umbrella so we wouldn't bake out in the sun. 
Be careful out there when you're having fun in the sun!  Remember to apply sunscreen every two hours and after perspiring or swimming.  Stay hydrated with water, and fresh fruit that has a high water content, like watermelon, peaches, nectarines, plums, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew melons, etc.   Don't stay out in the sun too long - take frequent breaks in the shade or indoors and remember to drink water.   

Here are some links with tips for taking care of yourself in the sun this summer:  

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Film Viewing: Here One Day

Film Viewing: Here One Day
Top Row:  Lane Bryant Double Weave Fitted Jacket in Sandy Beach (no longer available), Lane Bryant White 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Tee, Rose Quartz Pendant, J. Jill Refined Ankle Pants in Black.  Bottom Row:  Birkenstock Arizona Birko Flors in Silver. 

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of viewing the film, "Here One Day," a film by Kathy Leichter, which was the story of her mother's life and death, by suicide at age 61.  I was there, tabling for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, NYC Staten Island, along with my friends Pete and Patty.  We handed out literature and talked with people before and after the film.  

"Here One Day" chronicles the life of Nina Leichter, from her marriage to the day of her death.  She lived with bipolar disorder, and was active in her local NAMI and Mood Disorders Support Group chapters.  She was also an active chronicler of her own life, through journals that she kept, and tape recordings that she made, which her daughter, Kathy, discovered after her death, when she moved into the apartment where her parents lived after her mother's death.  The story of her life and death is told through excerpts from the recordings and journal entries, as well as interviews with family members and friends.  

I found the film to be very moving and profound.  You never know the impact a person's life has had on the people around them until after they've died.  

To get DVD's of the film to show to your organization, or to stream the film, or to learn more, here's the website:

Friday, June 13, 2014

Therapy Day

Therapy Day
Left to right: J. Jill Refined Ankle Pants, Blue Lace Agate Pendant Necklace, J. Jill V-neck Elbow Sleeve Tee, Birkenstock Arizona Birko Flors in Silver.

As the headline says, Thursday, 6/12/2014, was therapy day.  It was a productive session.  

It was my first time wearing the J. Jill Refined Ankle Pants, and they are DEEE-LIGHTFUL!!!!  They fit like a dream, they don't sag out (I've worn them several times since then, and they stay put, with no southern drift) and they are so comfortable!  I can't say enough good things about these pants.  They are $89 for the women's sizes, $79 for misses, but they are so worth it.  And they look good on me!  They don't have pockets.  That's my only complaint.  And it's a small one.  If you're looking for a nice alternative to the ubiquitous crop or capri pant, this is it.  They come in three colors: white, black and stone, in sizes up to 4X.  Snap 'em up.  I have a feeling that by the time they go on sale, there won't be many of them left.  

A long time ago, when I was shopping in the Staten Island Mall, they had a holiday fair, and they featured artisans and craftspeople who sold their various wares.  One man's booth caught my eye.  He was Native American, and made jewelry from gemstones.  It was very plain gemstone jewelry, on leather cords, with minimal metal fittings, which is good for me, since my skin reacts badly to metal jewelry.  The price was right - $10 per necklace, so I bought quite a few.  He put a little blurb about the spiritual properties of each gemstone in the box with the item.  Obviously, that's not the necklace pictured here (that one's from Polyvore and costs a lot more than $10).  But I love my necklaces, and I wear them whenever possible.  

The Birkenstock Arizona Birko Flors are taking some getting used to.  But I love them, so I will get used to them.  They're very comfortable, but because they're an open-toe sandal, debris tends to get in them, and irritate my feet, which isn't good when you have diabetes.  I think I may end up wearing them when minimal walking is required. 

NAMI Information Meeting

NAMI Information Meeting
From left to right: J. Jill Ballet Sleeve U-neck T-shirt, J. Jill Airy Scarf, Lane Bryant Black Ponte Knit Jacket, Lane Bryant Lena Fit Pants, Aersoles Army Loafers, Pelle Leather Shoulder Bag, Burt's Bees Summer Fruit Lip Gloss.

Wednesday night (6/11/2014) was the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Information Meeting.  This month the subject was Health Homes, which are not brick and mortar buildings, but rather a collection of providers and agencies under a Care Manager who oversees the mental and physical healthcare of people on Medicaid who have chronic conditions, or who have frequent hospitalizations and visits to the emergency room, whether for psychiatric reasons or for health reasons.  The Health Homes initiative was developed by New York City government as a method of holding down costs incurred by frequent users of the healthcare system who are on Medicaid.  

The weather in NYC has been wacky of late, in that sometimes it's cool and rainy, and sometimes it's hot and sunny, and you can have both of those conditions in the same day.  It was cool and rainy that night, so I wore a long-sleeved t-shirt, scarf and jacket in addition to my trench coat (not pictured).  Unfortunately, once we were in the venue, which is a basement in an office building, me and everybody else in the place were uncomfortably warm and humid.  I asked someone to turn on the air conditioner, and they were able to turn on the fan on the A/C, so that provided some relief.  

I got many compliments on my outfit, the scarf in particular.  People were quite taken with it.  I like it, and I think it will be getting a lot of play in my summer wardrobe rotation. 

I'm not too happy with the Burt's Bees lip gloss.  It's more like a lip stain.  It stays on, but it dries out, so it's more like a matte lipstick than a lip gloss.  It doesn't dry evenly, though, so I had splotchy looking red lips.  Save your money; you can do better. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

At A Health Fair

At A Health Fair
On the Body: Body Glide Anti-Chafe, Banana Boat Kids SPF 50.  Wearing:  Lane Bryant Striped V-neck Tee, Propet Walking Sneakers, Ultrafino Panama Fedora Hat, J. Jill Long Crinkle Scarf, J. Jill Linen Pants.  In the Bag:  LaRoche-Posay Antehelios Sunscreen SPF 60, EOS Lip Balm, Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream, Camelbak Water Bottle. 
Yesterday, Saturday, I was volunteering for NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) at a Health Fair that was sponsored by the Staten Island Community Partnership Program.  We had a fine day for it!  The weather was gorgeous, especially when we all first arrived to set up for the fair, because the basketball courtyard where the fair was being held was shaded by beautiful, tall oak trees.  

However, as we were warned, during the day, the shade dissipated and we were soon broiling in the sun.  Not to fear!  I had brought water with me, and sunscreen for the body (Banana Boat Spray-on Mist) and for the face (LaRoche-Posay Antehelios), as well as a hat, which kept me shaded and cool, and prevented my poor little head, face and neck from being sunburned.  I'm one of those people who looks like a well-done lobster after 15 minutes in the sun.  When I worked in the city, I would get sunburned just going out for a walk on my lunch hour.  I've been using sunscreen since before it was chic.  Same thing with hats.  Yesterday my hat and sunscreens kept me from getting burned and overheating in the sun, and the water kept me hydrated.  When I started feeling bad because I was hungry (the food was a long time in coming), my partner in crime, Patty, held down the fort with her friend that she brought along for the ride, and I went to get lunch at the local Subway. 

I consider that we had a pretty successful day, because we gave out plenty of literature, and made many new connections with people in the community, as well as other agencies.  

And now I'm missing "Game of Thrones"!!!  Gotta go!