Thursday, May 15, 2014

Visiting a Friend on a Chilly, Rainy Spring Day

Visiting a Friend on a Chilly, Rainy Spring Day
Top Row: J. Jill Ballet Sleeve U-neck T-shirt, LL Bean Casual Floral Scarf, LL Bean Trail Model Vest, LL Bean Trench Coat. Bottom Row: J. Jill Tried & True Vintage Wash Jeans, EOS Lip Balm in Summer Berry, Propet Walking Shoes, Body Glide, Elle Magazine.  

I love rainy spring days, as long as I don't have to be out in the rain for long. 

The Propet walking shoes are a new purchase - they just arrived today!  I got them from OneStopPlus, the online fashion mall for plus-size women and big & tall men.  I'm very satisfied with my purchase.  There was no breaking-in period, they were comfortable right out of the box and my feet had not one complaint all day.  

The other recent purchase is the Body Glide, which comes in handy in warmer weather, to prevent chafing.  No one likes to talk about it, but we all get it from time to time.  This stuff was awesome.  Kept me comfortable all day, and no bad skin reactions.   I bought it from which is a great resource for hard-to-find personal care items.  My roommate said she was glad I had introduced her to the concept of Body Glide.  She thought the only thing she could use for chafing was talcum powder or corn starch, which, let's face it, is pretty messy and not guaranteed to work.  There are other similar products - one is called Skin-Dura, and another one is called Chub Rub, but I figure Body Glide is good because it's used by athletes, who are really hard on their skin, with all the sweating they do, and damage caused by using equipment, sun damage and exposure to chlorine and salt water, etc. 

As to the magazine, I actually brought the June issue of People StyleWatch, but we didn't do our usual dissection of celebrities' outfits.  Instead, we just had an enjoyable visit.