Sunday, May 18, 2014

Summer Vacation ... And The Evolution of Women's Underwear

Summer Vacation
Clockwise from top left:  Black Skirt from, J. Jill Airy Stripes Scarf, J. Jill Live-in Chino Ankle Pants in Citron, J. Jill Tried & True Slim Ankle Jeans in Moon Shadow Wash, Birkenstock Birki Flor in Silver, Sealed With A Kiss Lulu Chiffon Skirt in Black.  Center:  Ulla-La Short Panties. 

I did a little shopping late last night/early this morning.  I need bottoms for summer, having *ahem* mostly grown out of last year's clothes.  I have some bottoms I can use from last year, but not many.  The Lane Bryant pants that I bought earlier this month don't fit properly.  I realized the sooner I admitted that, the better off I'd be, so I'm sending them back.  I'm keeping the jacket, which fits and looks good.  

I'm hoping everything fits when I get it, and that it will all be comfortable and look good.  That's what we all want from our clothes, right?  Some of these choices were a bit off-the-beaten-path for me, like the citron pants, chiffon skirt and the silver shoes.  I think silver is a great neutral for summer.  I bought the citron chinos because they were priced lower than the other colors, but when I thought about it, I realized they would go with a lot of the tops and accessories I have better than the more classic tan neutral color I first thought of purchasing.  My friends on Facebook were unanimous that I should buy the chiffon skirt.  Cute summer skirts are good to have. 

I'm so glad women's lingerie manufacturers have been making panties with longer legs.  They are a boon to those of us who suffer The Chafe in the warmer months.  Back in the bad old days (the 80's), we used to have to buy men's boxer shorts to protect against chub rub.  Then the problem became boxers that rode up with the friction of the skirt, creating an ugly bunched-up look in an area where we ladies want to be smooth.  Awkward!  This is probably the #1 reason why capris, crops and other short-but-not-too-short pant-type garments have become popular.  They're just easier to wear in the warm months for those of us who are plus-size than skirts or shorts.  However, now manufacturers have responded to this need with the proper garments, and retailers have wised up to this need, and have begun carrying them.  

You might be wondering, why didn't my friends and I wear girdles?  Surely, that would've prevented the dreaded Chafe?  Well, it would have.  We were too cool to wear girdles, though.  We were also too cool to wear pantyhose with our skirts and went bare-legged (we were rebels!  This is back in the decade of the Power Suit, remember).   So we elected to go around wearing men's boxers under our skirts.  What can I tell you, it was a look!