Sunday, March 30, 2014

Speaking to a College Class, 3/24/2014

Speaking to a College Class, 3/24/2014
From left to right: Lane Bryant T-3 Jeans, LL Bean Boat Neck Tunic, Lane Bryant Ponte Knit Jacket, Doc Martens Boots, Pink and Blue Tote.

Last Monday, I spoke to a college class as part of my volunteer work for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  It went well, I thought; the class was involved and engaged and asked many good, thoughtful questions.  Talking with the college students is always a positive experience, even though sometimes it can be difficult, because they don't always ask "easy" questions.  We're there to help them learn about how people live with the challenges of psychiatric diagnoses, as family members and as people living with a diagnosis.  

Sometimes dressing for this class can be difficult, because I want to hit the right balance of casual and approachable, but I also want to come across as a professional adult.  I think this outfit struck the right balance. 

The jade necklace in the picture is a dragon, but the necklace I actually wore was a jade Kwan Yin, to remind me to be compassionate.  I picked it up at an outdoor vendor one summer day in downtown Brooklyn some years ago.  Is it real jade?  I don't know.  However, it did the job of reminding me to be compassionate and pay attention to what everyone had to say. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Meeting, Thursday, 3/13/2014

Meeting, Thursday, 3/13/2014
Top Row: Lane Bryant Ponte Knit Blazer in Black, Lane Bryant V-neck T-shirt in White, LL Bean Trench Coat.  Bottom Row:  Doc Martens, LL Bean Gray Jeans, Pink and Blue Tote, Pink Gloves.     

Thursday, March 13, 2014, I had a meeting at a local elected official's office.  We didn't meet with him, but with a member of his staff.  It was a productive meeting, I think.  It was short.  My roommate said upon my return:  "All that preparation and you were gone less than an hour?" 
 It was cold that day.  Spring finally seems to have come to the Big Apple as of Thursday (arriving right on time!), but more cold weather is predicted for Monday.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Recycling Events in the Tri-State Area, 2014 (NY, NJ, CT)

As promised, here is the recycling information for New York City, courtesy of the Office of Recycling Outreach and Education.  

This website is an excellent resource for recycling and waste disposal in the five boroughs of New York City.  You can sign up for their e-mail newsletter, "NYC Recycling Updates," which gives information on all recycling, stop 'n swap events, hazardous waste disposal events (NYC's SAFE Event), Greenmarkets, composting, kitchen scrap recycling and all other manner of things that are good for the planet.  

I encourage you, if you're in the New York City area, to take advantage of this wonderful resource.  

For New York State, here is a link to the Department of Environmental Conservation.  You can get pamphlets on recycling, and information on how to start your own recycling event.  Just be aware, NYS doesn't appear to have updated its information for 2014 yet. 

Here's a link to DEEP, Connecticut's recycling and waste management program:  

Here is a link to New Jersey's Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste, which also has information about recycling programs throughout the Garden State:  

Click on the link on the left, "Choose a Material for Recycling" to get a breakdown of recycling options by material.   Once you have chosen the material you wish to recycle, there's a breakdown of recycling areas by county.  Check to make sure you're following the recycling regulations for your county. 

Finally, the snow and ice are melting.  Colder temperatures are expected tomorrow, but recently we've had some spring-like days in NYC.  It's a little disconcerting when my relatives in Norway are taking beautiful pictures of spring flowers, and I can't even find a little crocus peeping out of the ground!  I must not be looking hard enough.  

Some spring flowers to cheer you up:

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Purchases for Spring 2/25/2014

Purchases for Spring 2/25/2014
J. Jill Brown Corduroy Jacket, J. Jill Tried & True Fit Slim Leg Jean, J. Jill Tried & True Fit Boot-Cut Jean

Time for some spring purchases!  I need jackets.  The outerwear situation is from hunger, folks.  I had the same spring jacket since 2004, and I've *ahem* outgrown it.  Hopefully certain people will find the light brown color of this nice J. Jill corduroy jacket less objectionable than the bright green of my Sigrid Olsen jacket.  My sister had a Sigrid Olsen jacket, so I had to have one, too.  Ever get like that?  Your sister or friend has something, and then you have to have it, too?  It just worked out that way.  I went shopping with a personal shopper in Lord & Taylor in 2004, because I needed some new work clothes, and she selected this beautiful quilted green Sigrid Olsen jacket for me, and it was similar to one my sister had, so I bought it.  I have to say, in that instance, having a personal shopper was the smartest thing I could've done, because the clothes I bought lasted into this decade.  I grew out of the pants years ago, but I only donated the shirt I bought then during last winter's closet clean-out.  I'm going to have a hard time letting go of the jacket.  Ten years is a long time to have a coat, and it's served me well.  If it fit me, I'd still keep it.  But it doesn't.  I hope the brown corduroy jacket lasts as long.  It's very well made.  All the seams are finished, and the fit is excellent. 

I love, love, love the Tried & True Fit jeans by J. Jill.  They sent me a pair about a year ago, for free (I have no idea why), and they've become my favorite jeans.  They sent me the boot-cut style, and I like it.  When they had a sale recently, I bought another pair of the boot-cuts and a pair of slim leg jeans.  Both fit very well.  I'm very happy with both of them.  My only complaint is that they're a little long, but that's easily remedied by a trip to the tailor, or in the case of the slim leg jeans, I can roll up the cuffs and make them boyfriend jeans.  

All items were purchased during the recent J. Jill sale, for up to 60% off.  The jeans usually run about $89, and the jacket is $109, I think.