Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter Skincare

Winter Skincare
Top Row:  Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fragrance-Free Hand Cream, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, Walgreens Vitamin E Skin Oil, Burt's Bees Daily Facial Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin, Anthelios Sunscreen.
Bottom Row:  Blue Goo Cracked Heel Foot Softener, EOS Lip Balm.  

These are the products that are getting me through this cold winter.  

The Neutrogena hand cream is great for keeping my hands moisturized, and preventing chapping and cracking.  That's very important when you have diabetes and have to worry about infection.  

Cetaphil cleanser works wonders at getting my skin clean without drying it out.  It's very gentle and non-irritating, so it doesn't bother my sensitive, dry skin.  

The Vitamin E Skin Oil is not the exact product I have - I have Walgreens Vitamin E Skin Oil, but this one is similar.  Both oils are made from Vitamin E (tocopheryl) from safflower.  I bought my first bottle last year, and I still have it.  It's 4.8 oz.  I just put a drop into the palm of my hand, and smooth it over my face and neck before bedtime.  Works wonders!  

I use Burt's Bees Daily Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin under my sunscreen.  I love this product.  It's non-greasy, it absorbs quickly, a little goes a long way, it's gentle and non-irritating, and reduces redness.  It's an amazing product.  It's a little pricey for a drugstore product, at $18, but it lasts a long time, and it really is worth the money, since the quality is so high.  

Antehelios SPF 60 Sunscreen from La Roche-Posay is a lotion.  Once again, all I use is a few drops in the palm of my hand, and it covers my face, neck and ears.  It's very gentle and non-irritating.  It absorbs quickly, it doesn't leave a white residue, and doesn't make my skin greasy.  I think this is the best facial sunscreen I've ever used, and I've been using sunscreen since my thirties (that's 20 years ago!).  I have to; I'm fair and I've been known to get a sunburn just walking around on my lunch hour.  This product is also pricey for a drugstore product, at $44 for a 1.7 oz. bottle.  However, I managed to get a good deal on it, and I think I only paid $40 for two bottles.  It pays to be a smart shopper!  I saw it on sale recently at for $23.  I highly recommend it.  

EOS Lip Balm has got to be the best lip balm I've ever used.  It doesn't chap my lips, I don't lick it off, the taste and fragrance are very subtle, and it comes in two formulas: regular and medicated.  The medicated version is in the orange container.  EOS, by the way, is the acronym for "Evolution of Smooth."  

And then there's the Blue Goo!  This was a gift from my roommate.  Her sister insisted it was great, so she sent my roommate two jars, and my roommate gave me one.  It works wonders on dry, cracked skin on the elbows, on the hands, and pretty much anywhere else I have dry skin patches.  I used it on my index finger, where it had cracked and bled, and it cleared up the crack in a matter of days, with regular application several times a day.  Now it's healed over and it doesn't bother me anymore.  

All these products are drugstore products.  I bought them online and in the store.  I used and as well as my local Duane Reade, a drugstore chain in NYC.  Walgreens delivered the items in two days, and I didn't use two-day shipping, either.  I recommend trying drugstores if you're in the market for new skincare products, and your old batch isn't working as well.  My products from The Body Shop weren't cutting it anymore, so I decided to make my life easy and switch to drugstore products, and I don't regret it.  I was very pleased with the quality, the value and the service.  Another good thing about these products is that rated as "Best" products on Paula Begoun's Beautypedia website. That's a handy website if you want reviews and recommendations of beauty products at all price points.