Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Top Row: Metallic Stripe PJ Set, Diamond Scroll Sleep Pant, Dolman Sleep Top, Shimmer Dot PJ Set, Black Lace PJ set.  Bottom Row: Rolled Sleeve Sleep Top, Pop Art Lips Sleep Pant, Royal Crown Sleep Top, Paisley Sleep Pant.
Sleepytime by beautyandserendipity featuring pj pants

OK, any minute Blogger is going to make me take up drinking in the morning in earnest, but until then ...

I had a really nice Polyvore set called "Sleepytime" prepared for you.  But Blogger and Polyvore were not getting along.  I've been trying since last night to post this set.  This is a much scaled-back version.  Way back.  Bare bones.  

But anyway ... I now have a new sleepwear wardrobe.  I threw out a pair of smelly, uncomfortable old PJ's last night.  I just couldn't face another night in them.  I'm wearing the Royal Crown Sleep Top and Paisley Sleep Pants as we speak.  I'm expecting four new sets today.  Then I shall be ready to sleep in comfort and joy again! 

When you have insomnia, the little things like pajamas become important.