Sunday, November 10, 2013

What I Wore Week of 11/4-11/8/2013

What I Wore Week of 11/4-11/8/2013
Top Row:  Lane Bryant Long-Sleeve V-Neck Tees in Dragonfruit, Royal Crown and Gray.  Pink Tote,
White Binder.
Bottom Row:  J. Jill Tried & True Fit Jeans, LL Bean Trail Model Fleece Vest in Black,
LL Bean Twill Chino Pants in Blue, Green Quilted Jacket, Mary Jane Sneakers.  

What I Wore Week of 11/4-11/8/2013 by beautyandserendipity featuring a long sleeve v neck t shirt

I hope everyone is feeling good and doing well!

Monday evening I had my Peer-to-Peer class, Tuesday I had lunch with a friend, and Friday afternoon I spoke to a college class on disabilities, specifically mental illness.  The white binder was for the class on Monday.  I wore the jeans on Monday and Tuesday.  I wore the LL Bean pants on Friday for the class, which I thought called for something a little dressier.  I used everything else every day.

I carry my pink and blue LL Bean Boat & Tote canvas bag with me everywhere these days; I'm going to have to give it up for Fall and Winter.  I need a tote bag made of tougher stuff for the cold months, when we tend to have bad weather in NYC.  My brother John and his wife Delia gave me a beautiful tote bag years ago, but unfortunately the handle broke.  I think I had it over 10 years.  There's a TJ Maxx near me; I can probably find something affordable and good quality there.  Ha, it probably won't be a Kate Spade bag, like the one in the Polyvore set above!  I can't afford her.  My Coach bags are too small, and unless I get an unexpected windfall, I can't afford that, either.  I live on a fixed income, and I must think about the bottom line!

Speaking of finances, I eliminated some unnecessary subscriptions, and now I have a little extra cash during the month.  I got rid of Netflix, New York Times Digital, and the Staten Island Advance home delivery.  I also canceled my Better Homes & Gardens subscription for next year.  I don't really miss any of them, except maybe the Netflix, but most of the time they didn't have the movies on streaming that I wanted.  And some of the DVD's had a long wait time.  I have the premium channels on cable, so I'm pretty much covered when it comes to entertainment.  The Times and the Advance and BHG I can get online, although the Times limits how many articles you can access a month.  I was spending close to $45 a month just on subscriptions.

I use two online tools to help me keep track of my finances:  Out of the Dark online budgeting tool, and Mint.  I find both of them to be useful for different purposes, but you could use one or the other.  Mint updates directly from your bank, loan, and credit card accounts.  You can categorize all your expenses, create a budget, a savings goal, and a plan to pay off your debt.  Out of the Dark requires a bit more effort, but you have more options to customize your budget.  You can also export your budget to an Excel spreadsheet.  I think you can also link your account to your bank accounts, so it updates automatically, but I'm not sure about that.  I think it might be more difficult to do that on Out of the Dark than it is on Mint.  I input all my information myself.  I'm sure there are some features on the site that I haven't used.  They're always striving to improve it.

Take care, and have a great week!  I'm going away to Albany, NY for the weekend this week.  I'm going to be accepting an achievement award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, New York State.  I'm very excited, and yes, I'm planning what I'll wear!