Thursday, November 14, 2013

NAMI NYS Educational Conference 11/15-11/17/2013

NAMI NYS Educational Conference 11/15-11/17/2013
Top Row:  Traveling by Car on Friday AM: Gray LL Bean Jeans, Gray Lane Bryant T-shirt (Friday), Teal V-neck Fleece Sweater,  Black J. Jill Tee (Sunday), Black LL Bean Micro Fleece Scarf.
Middle Row:  Friday Night Awards Dinner: J. Jill Blue Tee, Coldwater Creek Purple Tweed Jacket, Lace Agate Necklace, Black LL Bean Twill Chinos, Black Aerosoles Army Loafers, Black Satchel Handbag.
Bottom Row:  Saturday and Sunday: Mineral Blue J. Jill Tee, Black LL Bean Twill Chinos, Black LL Bean Fleece Vest, Black J. Jill Tee (Sunday), Pink and Blue Canvas Tote, Black Aersosoles Army Loafers.  

I'm excited about this weekend, because I'm going to the NAMI NYS Educational Conference for the first time!  And I'm being honored with an award for programming!  Not computer programming, LOL, event programming.  

Early Friday morning (as in, pre-dawn hours) I'll be traveling up to Albany with my friend Joan and her husband.  We're going to make a rest stop on the way.  We'll check into the hotel, and the conference starts at 10 AM.  

Saturday and Sunday are the days of the conference, and we leave on Sunday.  There are a lot of workshops going on, which I look forward to attending.  

I'm bringing an extra t-shirt, because life is unpredictable.  I'm packing a lot of other stuff that I may or may not need.  I'm a hypochondriac, and it always seems like I run into trouble when I travel - I get a cold, stomach problems, insomnia, what-have-you, so I'm packing Motrin, Benadryl and Immodium, because, hey, you never know.  

I'm writing a big post with old-school pictures from when I was a teenager, of clothes my mother made me.  I'm writing about how we worked on them together, spawning my love of fashion.  I just have to take some pictures for the post, which I have yet to do.  As you might expect, I've been busy getting ready for the trip.  Stay tuned for the Big Reveal!  

Wish me luck!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!