Saturday, October 19, 2013

Recent Purchases

Recent Purchases
Top Row: J. Jill Pima U-Neck Ballet Sleeve T-shirts in Aqua Blue, Black and Mineral 
J. Jill Perfect Pima Tab Sleeve V-Neck T-shirts in Black, Bluebird and Dragonfruit.
Middle Row: Lane Bryant Essential V-neck Long Sleeve Tees in Crown Jewel, Sparkleberry, Island Aqua and Black.  
Bottom Row: Lane Bryant Colorblock Long Sleeve Sleep Shirt in Crown Jewel and Paisley Knit 
                          Sleep Pant.  Black Sleep Shirt and Lace Print Leggings.

Yes, I've been shopping again.  The total came to $263.  The priciest item was the black and lace print legging sleep set, at $36.95.  I used an in-store coupon to get $10 off, but maybe I would have been better off shopping online.  Besides that, I spent a grand total of $226.06 for the other 12 items, which I think is a pretty good deal.  Now I'm all set for winter. 

I find I do much better shopping online, because I can use coupons and sales.  Plus it gets delivered to my door, and sometimes I can get free delivery, which was the case with the J. Jill purchases.  

I also bought a pretty rose quartz necklace from J. Jill.  It had been reduced to $14.99 from $29.99, and I got it for $8 and change, using their 40% off sale.  Lane Bryant was having a 40% off sale, too, and I had an coupon.  

I didn't buy everything all at the same time - I bought the Lane Bryant items in September, and the J. Jill items in October, about a month apart.  

Now I have to work on paying off my credit cards.