Thursday, September 26, 2013

What I Wore, Thursday 9/26/2013

What I Wore, Thursday 9/26/2013
J. Jill elbow sleeve v-neck t-shirt, LL Bean twill chinos, Coldwater Creek purple tweed jacket, Bonne Bell Lip Smacker in Strawberry, The Body Shop LOVE ETC. Eau de Parfum, Aersosoles Army loafers, LL Bean black pebbled leather belt.  

Last Thursday, I gave an In Our Own Voice presentation to an audience of inpatients at the psychiatric center where I used to work.  The audience was very warm and welcoming and supportive.  They were patient with us throughout our "technical difficulties" as my friend Linda and I learned how to operate the lights and the DVD backstage.  Linda caught on quickly, and pretty soon, things were going smoothly, without glitches.  I'm very comfortable speaking in front of an audience, in spite of nervousness at the outset of the presentation, or speech, or whatever I'm doing.  My regret is that I didn't know I was doing the presentation all alone until the night before.  Then I decided to rewrite parts of my presentation to suit the audience better, which is something I usually do, but I usually have more time to prepare.  I had to read off the index cards I prepared for my presentation, which considering my glasses are not the best, was a bit of a challenge.  However, like I said, the audience was very warm, welcoming and supportive.  Afterward, I took the microphone around while people shared some of their stories and asked questions.  

The In Our Own Voice program is an educational program from NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, where people who are living with a psychiatric diagnosis go out and talk to members of the community about their experiences living with a mental illness.  We talk about our dark days, how we came to accept our condition, treatment, coping skills and successes, hopes and dreams that keep us motivated to forge ahead despite obstacles and challenges.  

We've presented the program at a number of venues, including health fairs, colleges and the Staten Island LGBTQ Center.  

On the whole it was a successful presentation, I think.  I got positive feedback from the staff who were there, and from the audience members.  

After that, I had lunch with a good friend who was visiting from Florida, and we had a nice lunch at a diner.  Then she drove me home, and we spent some time together talking.  My roommate joined us, and we all had a good time.  I changed as soon as I got home, because I'd really rather be comfortable while I'm home and don't have to go out in public.  

Just a note about the jacket:  That's not the jacket I actually wore.  I wore another Coldwater Creek jacket from the 2011 season, which I call my "Chanel-alike" jacket, because it's reminiscent of the iconic Chanel boucle tweed jacket.  It's a light purple boucle tweed jacket, with front pockets, and a breast pocket.  It has dyed-to-match buttons on the button placket and on the cuffs.  But the jacket in the Polyvore set is a reasonable facsimile.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What I Wore Tuesday, 9/24/2013 Shopping at the Mall

What I Wore Tuesday, 9/24/2013 Shopping at the Mall
Topshop Denim Jacket, Lane Bryant v-neck black and white striped t-shirt, silver beaded necklace, LL Bean black pebbled leather belt, Bonne Bell Strawberry Lip Smacker, LL Bean brown Comfort Mocs, pink and blue tote, LL Bean Twill Chinos.  

Yes, I went to the Mall (the Staten Island Mall - there's only one Mall on Staten Island and it's called "The Mall") and I ate crepes, and I shopped at Lane Bryant, but before I did all that I had to spend an hour or so being tortured in the dentist's chair.  It was just a checkup and cleaning, but the x-rays hurt, and the cleaning was nightmarish.  Does anyone remember that old movie with Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier, "Marathon Man"?  Olivier plays a dentist who was a Nazi in his former life (yes, a Nazi dentist - someone with severe dentist-phobia thought that one up, I'm sure) and he's interrogating Dustin Hoffman in the dentist's chair.  As he's drilling, he keeps asking Hoffman, "Is it safe?  Is it safe?  Is it safe?"  As kids, my siblings and I had all been traumatized to varying degrees by the local dentist, Dr. L, so this scene resonated with us.  So yeah, my visit to the dentist today was reminiscent of that scene.  

I had some sports bras to return to Lane Bryant, and I had a $10 rewards cheque I could only use in the store.  They were very nice about the return, and I got all my money back, to my relief.  I came in just before the 90-day return policy ran out.  Two days more and I wouldn't have been so lucky.  

I didn't see many clothing items or accessories in the store that I wanted, so I picked up some PJ's, which I desperately need.  I bought some t-shirts and a pair of PJ's on their website yesterday.  They were having a one-day 40% off sale, so I took advantage of it.  

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find clothes to fit me as a plus-size woman that are tasteful and classic.  Everything in their store screamed "Look at me!  I'm TRENDY!!!!"  I really don't want to buy a military jacket that I'm going to wear a few times only to have it look out of place next year.  I love Lane Bryant, and they have really nice basics, like t-shirts, jeans and trousers and some shirts, and their intimates fit me really well, but I did not find the happiness I sought in there today.  I guess they're getting into "fast fashion" like a lot of other stores, to attract the younger customers.  I feel ignored.  A couple of years ago, I really liked their clothes, but ... meh.  Maybe they'll turn it around again, and I'll start liking their styles again.  

What I Wore to a Meeting, Monday, 9/23/2013

What I Wore to a Meeting, Monday, 9/23/2013
Lane Bryant teal long sleeve v-neck t-shirt, LL Bean twill chinos, LL Bean fleece anorak, LL Bean women's casual floral scarf, Bonne Bell Lip Smacker in Strawberry, The Body Shop LOVE ETC. Eau de Parfum, LL Bean pebbled leather belt, LL Bean brown Comfort Mocs.  

Tonight was the first night of the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Peer-to-Peer class on Staten Island.  It was pretty exciting, because we hadn't had a class in 9 years, and it took a lot of work to get it off the ground.  But everything came together and the first class was very promising.

It was chilly tonight and even though I had a ride there and returning home, it was still pretty cool.  It's jacket weather.  I don't think we're going to have an Indian summer this year, because it's been getting colder since August.  Since I have to travel frequently by public transportation, I dress for the weather and practicality.  I would have to be pretty stupid to try to walk long distances in high heels.

I chose to wear shades of blue tonight, because blue is a calming color, and I was feeling very nervous.  Plus I wanted to emanate calm vibrations to the rest of the class.  I don't know if it worked, but I was more calm.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What I Wore Tuesday, 9/17/2013: Basic Black

What I Wore Tuesday, 9/17/2013: Basic Black
J. Jill black elbow sleeve v-neck t-shirt, dark rinse denim jacket, J. Jill pink crinkle scarf,  LL Bean black pebbled leather belt, LL Bean black twill chinos, Aerosoles Army loafers, Carmex Lip Balm, The Body Shop LOVE ETC. Eau de Parfum.  

Today was a beautiful sunny day in NYC.  I had a therapy appointment.  I was feeling self-confident, so I figured black with a shot of pink was the way to go.  The actual denim jacket that I own is a Lane Bryant dark rinse denim jacket from a couple of years ago.  It looks very similar to the one above.  I wasn't actually wearing those shoes, either.  I need a good pair of cold weather walking shoes.  I like my Dr. Martens boots; maybe I'll get a pair of Dr. Martens shoes.  Hmm, time to look for a sale!  

Are there any special colors you wear when you're feeling a certain way?  Happy, sad, self-confident, attractive, or like you want to go incognito ... it's all good!  

Saturday, September 14, 2013

WOW!!! 20,000 hits!!!!

I can't believe I made it to 20,000 hits!  That's probably not a lot for some people, but it seems like a lot to me, so, what the heck?  I'll take it!

Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoy my blog!

Saturday, 9/14/2013: Ice Cream Run!

Saturday, 9/14/2013: Ice Cream Run!
From right to left:  LL Bean Women's Casual Floral Scarf, Grey V-Neck T-shirt, LL Bean Trail Model Fleece Jacket, red nylon cross body, Coach wallet, LL Bean Comfort Mocs, cell phone.
Lower left:  The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter, The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter.  

I scored a great deal on Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream today:  Duane Reade had the pints on sale, 2 for $6, plus I had a $3 rewards coupon, so SCORE!!!!  I got two pints for $3!!!!  I got one for me, one for my roommate.  Yum!!!

What I Wore Friday the 13th of September, 2013

What I Wore Friday the 13th of September, 2013
Topshop Denim Jacket, J. Jill elbow sleeve v-neck tee, LL Bean women's casual floral scarf, Tommy Hilfiger canvas tote, LL Bean plain front twill chinos, Chaco sandals, LL Bean pebbled leather belt, Bonne Bell Strawberry Lip Smacker.  

The weather was cool today in NYC, with a touch of autumn in the air.  Tonight, however, it was downright chilly.  My tootsies were cold in those sandals!  I had company, though, because all the women on the bus stop with me were freezing in their sandals, too.  One girl wore sneakers, but she only had on a t-shirt.  She was freezing, too.  Time to break out the closed shoes, long pants, scarves and jackets!  Time to put away the summer clothes!  I'm in no rush, because we'll probably have some more warm days before the fall truly sets in.  

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year.  I love the changing colors, the cooler air, the sense of new beginnings as people head back to work and kids head back to school, and of course, the new fall fashions.  But I also get really depressed this time of year, for personal reasons.  So, I like this time of year, but I don't.  My friends and family know I get a bit weird this time of year.  (Weirder than usual, LOL!)  Anyway, that's why I'm "Singin' the End of Summer Blues."