Friday, August 9, 2013

What I Wore, Week of 8/5-8/9/2013

What I Wore, Week of 8/5-8/9/2013
LL Bean pink sleeveless t-shirt, Lane Bryant navy capris; J. Jill mineral blue elbow sleeve v-neck tee, J. Jill black linen plain front pants; pink and blue canvas tote bag, Chaco sandals, black beaded necklace; Lane Bryant pink and white striped tee, LL Bean Perfect Fit Cropped Pants.

These are the outfits I wore this week.  It was a busy week for me:  Monday afternoon I visited a friend, Wednesday afternoon I had a video-taping session to attend and today I had two appointments, plus I did a lot of walking.  

It was a week for staying cool and dry, since the weather was hot and humid, and every day threatened thunderstorms, which sometimes materialized - fortunately, not while I was outside.   August in NYC!  Also, I was on my feet a great deal, walking and standing, so comfortable footwear was a necessity.  

Do you dress for the weather and comfort, or for fashion?  I think it's easier to dress for fashion if you have a car - then comfort and weather don't matter so much.  But I could be wrong!