Saturday, August 24, 2013

What I Wore: 8/21 to 8/23/2013

What I Wore: 8/21 to 8/23/2013

Wednesday's Outfit:
J. Jill elbow-sleeve v-neck tee, Lane Bryant sateen capris in khaki, Chaco sandals.
Daily Essentials: The Body Shop Shea lip butter, LOVE ETC. Eau de Parfum and Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15.
Thursday's Outfit: Lane Bryant v-neck tee, LL Bean twill chino pants, LL Bean pebbled leather belt, Aerosoles loafers, LL Bean trench coat, bear pendant, LL Bean women's casual floral scarf.
Friday's Outfit: Old Navy Tiered Ruffle tank top, Old Navy twill capris, Ultrafino Fedora, Chaco sandals.  

And of course, this bag:

Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment, so it was an easy day.  I got a ride there and back, no need for a sun hat.  

Thursday, I had a video editing session to attend, so I wanted to look professional, plus it was raining.  I have a thing for bears, so I wore my bear pendant (not the one pictured, that's from Polyvore) for good luck.  I was glad I took the scarf, because although it was hot and humid outside, the building where we were working was chilly, so it came in handy.  

Friday, I had therapy, plus I had to go to the bank and do the grocery shopping.  Usually I do my grocery shopping online, but this time I braved the crowds and the traffic and made it through unscathed.  

My daily essentials are lip balm, perfume and sunscreen, year-round.  What beauty items do you use every day?  

Today is laundry day, and all the lovely clothes you've been seeing will be sent out to be cleaned.  Right now they're in messy piles allover my tiny little room.  It's going to be an adventure finding everything and packing it up!