Saturday, July 13, 2013

What I Bought, Week of July 6-July 13, 2013

What I Bought, Week of July 6-July 13, 2013
Top row:  Lane Bryant v-neck tees in stripes, solids and neon stripes.
Middle row: J. Jill v-neck elbow-sleeve tees.
Bottom row:  Lane Bryant sateen twill capris, J. Jill flat-front linen pants.

Yeah, I bought ten v-neck, elbow-sleeve t-shirts, what of it?  When I see a good thing I like, I stock up!

I bought two of the khaki twill capris, in addition to the blue capris and the black linen pants.

July is one of the big sale months, and it provides a good opportunity to stock up on spring and summer basics, as retailers look to clear their stores and warehouses of winter, spring and summer merchandise to make room for the fall items.  Fall is a huge season in the retail industry, along with the holidays.  The trends that are set in fall usually continue throughout the year, into the next spring and summer.  

It's always a good idea to stock up on basics (I'm taking MissusSmartyPants' advice in this regard), because basics are always in style.  Stripes are always a big trend in spring and summer, as are capris and cropped pants.  Seems like that trend is never going away!  They're cooler and more comfortable than pants in the warm weather, and not as revealing as shorts, so women love them.  They aren't the best-looking style and for a more formal occasion, one would probably be wise to wear a dress or skirt or lightweight dress pants, but for everyday wear, they're hard to beat in the heat.  

The tops and capris I bought from Lane Bryant I'm going to save for next spring and summer, so I don't have to worry so much about being caught short like I was this year.  I was really unprepared for the spring/summer season this year.  I had to travel at the end of April, and I've been very busy with meetings and my volunteer work with the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  In August, I have a number of outreaches to the public at the beach and on the boardwalk that I'll be doing, so I have to be dressed for that.  I'll need a hat, lots of sunscreen and weather-appropriate clothing, because I'll be sitting in the sun all day.  Oy, I'm getting sunburned just thinking about it!  I love what I do, though, so it's worth it to me.

The total spent for all these items was $322, which brings the average price per item to $23.  I bought everything on sale - J. Jill was having a 25% off sale for tees and linen, plus I got 10% off for using my J. Jill card.  That came to $156.05.  Lane Bryant was having a sale, tees for $10-$15, and capris and shorts for $19.99, plus I had a 20% discount coupon, and I got free shipping because I used my credit card.  The total came to $99.98.  LL Bean was having a sale, too, and I paid $65.93 for the pants and two sleeveless tees.  

In the interest of honesty, I'll calculate the total amount of money I spent on my spring and summer wardrobe and post that.  Hopefully I'll still be standing after that's done.  Or I'll pass out and have a heart attack.  We'll see!