Monday, July 15, 2013

Spring/Summer 2013 Purchases

Spring/Summer 2013 Purchases
Top Row:  LL Bean pink sleeveless tee, Lane Bryant neon pink striped v-neck tee, pink striped v-neck tee, J. Jill raspberry v-neck elbow-sleeve tee, watermelon v-neck elbow-sleeve tee.
Second Row: Lane Bryant navy striped v-neck tee, blue v-neck tee, J. Jill mineral blue v-neck elbow-sleeve tee, periwinkle v-neck elbow-sleeve tee, denim shirt.
Third Row: Lane Bryant white v-neck tee, J. Jill white v-neck elbow-sleeve tee, Lane Bryant black and white striped v-neck tee, LL Bean black sleeveless tee, J. Jill black v-neck elbow-sleeve tee.
Bottoms:  Lane Bryant khaki sateen twill capris, navy twill sateen capris, LL Bean blue twill chino pants, J. Jill black plain-front linen pull-on pants.
Scarves: J. Jill watermelon crinkle scarf, LL Bean women's casual floral scarf.

LL Bean Boat & Tote bag, medium, in Snapdragon and Regatta Blue.  

Oy!  I examined the damage done to my wallet by my Spring/Summer 2013 purchases, and it's severe!  In total, not counting intimate apparel purchases (because those are necessities, and I wear them year-round), I spent $677.83.

The breakdown by retailer is as follows:

LL Bean:        $163.54 (2 sleeveless t-shirts, tote bag, twill chinos, floral scarf)
J. Jill:              $414.31 (8 t-shirts, crinkle scarf, denim shirt, linen pants)
Lane Bryant:    $99.98  (6 t-shirts, 3 capris)

Obviously, my J. Jill habit is an expensive one.

I started shopping for Spring/Summer on April 19, 2013.  My first purchase was the women's casual floral scarf from LL Bean.  My most recent purchase was July 11, 2013, from Lane Bryant.  I bought the sateen twill capris and t-shirts.  I bought everything online.  I almost never go out to a store to shop anymore.  Almost everything I purchased was on sale, and I used coupons.  

With the exception of the sleeveless tees, capris and linen pants, I will wear these items year-round.  The items will hopefully serve me well for at least two seasons.  That seems to be the maximum life for the average t-shirt in my wardrobe.  The only t-shirt I have that's lasted longer than that is the "Spooky" t-shirt I got for Halloween from K-Mart in 2006.  Like Halloween, it seems to have a supernatural ability to transcend time.  Or maybe I like it so much, I won't stop wearing it until someone pries it from my cold, lifeless hands.

How the Cost-Per-Wear works out over time will determine whether these items were worth what I spent.  The LL Bean tote bag, twill chinos and floral scarf and the J. Jill tees are earning their keep so far.  I was going to save the Lane Bryant items for next year, but I think I'll start wearing them this year.  Summer is long, and this one is turning out to be a hot one, too.  NYC is roasting.  I heard it was 115* in the subways today.  Yowza!  That's HOT!!!  As we like to say here, it's not the heat, it's the humidity.  

My mom had this cute way of asking me after I came home from shopping (back in the days when you had to go OUT of the house to shop), "Are you happy with your purchases?"  I have to say, yes, so far I am happy with my purchases.