Friday, July 26, 2013

Cold Day at the Beach

Cold Day at the Beach
Fish Pendant, Mary Jane Sneakers, Lane Bryant Black and White Striped V-Neck Tee, LL Bean Perfect Fit Boot-Cut Pants, LL Bean H2Off Trench Coat.  

I spent the day yesterday doing an outreach for the National Alliance for Mental Illness at the boardwalk.  It was a health fair, called "Back to the Beach."  It was hosted by the State Assemblywoman, Nicole Malliotakis, who stopped by the table to say hello, which was nice of her.

It was in the 60's yesterday, which means that on the shore, it was 10-15 degrees colder.  Everyone was coming up to me and saying, "You were so smart to wear a coat!"  Almost everyone else was wearing a hoodie, and they were cold.  My partner with whom I do the outreaches, Patty, started off wearing a sleeveless denim shirt when she picked me up.  She dropped me off at the boardwalk, then went home to get some supplies.  When she came back she had wisely put on a denim jacket.  One woman with a table on the boardwalk was wearing a parka!  It was that cold.

I owe my weather-smarts to Swackett, an app I downloaded to my desktop from Apple iTunes.  It shows you what to wear for the weather that day.  It's a free app, and I find it's helpful.

The skies were gray and overcast, and looked like they were threatening rain, but it didn't rain during the day, thankfully.  It turned out to be a very comfortable day, as far as the weather went, because it wasn't too hot or too humid, and there was a nice breeze.  But it just goes to show you how unpredictable summer weather in New York City can be.  It's always a good idea to not put all your long pants or long-sleeved shirts or sweaters away for the summer.

As for the outfit, I was working a black-and-white nautical theme.  I have a glass fish pendant (not the one pictured) I bought at a boardwalk fair a few years ago, so I wore that.  Quite a few women were working the nautical theme - we were by the ocean, after all.