Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I Wore, 5/8/2013

What I Wore, 5/8/2013

Everything you see here is in my actual wardrobe, except for the tote bag.  There's no way I'd pay nearly $3000 for a tote bag, even if I had the money.  My actual tote bag I had custom-made by LL Bean, back when they used to customize tote bags.  They used to have this system where you could choose the handles, the body, the pocket, whether to have a top zip, or open top, and the bottom.  Alas, it is no more!  But I did get a couple of nice tote bags when they had the service, and I still use them.  It was a very reasonably priced service for the quality of material and workmanship, and I wish they'd bring it back again.  I'll post a picture of the tote bag I actually used today.  Some kid in a tattoo parlor in Greenwich Village took an attitude because I had an LL Bean tote bag, but really, if you're going to judge somebody based on their handbag ... you need to get out more.  

I didn't have a very full day, just went to the doctor and the post office and out to dinner, but that was enough.  Don't be fooled by those cute shoes; they are NOT comfortable!  They were when I first got them, but now they're worn out and don't support my feet.  Anyway, enough complaining.  

Here's my tote bag:

Cute, right?  And it holds a lot of stuff.