Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rainy Day Fantasy

Rainy Day Fantasy
J. Jill denim shirt, LL Bean Perfect Fit Bootcut Pants, LL Bean rain trench, Doc Martens boots.  

So this was my fantasy today while puttering around the house and taking the paper recycling out to the trash/recycling enclosure:  It was a rainy day in Paris.

In reality, outside the birds were taking a bath and singing merrily.  The spring flowers, leaves and trees and shrubs were happily growing.  I was nice and snug and warm in my bed, and then in my kitchen.

I love rainy days, so long as it's a gentle, female spring rain, and not the horrible freezing downpours that we sometimes get in the colder months.  I could imagine wandering through the streets of Paris in a raincoat and boots and comfy pants and warm shirt, gazing at the passersby, looking in the store windows, stopping off at a patisserie or cafe for some refreshment on my long walk.  I don't like to make connections between my mood and mental state and the weather, because sometimes I'm in a good mood when it's a beautiful sunny day, and sometimes it just fills me with dread and anxiety (thank you, 9/11/2001).  Likewise, I usually feel more at home on a gray, rainy day, but I can also be inclined to be depressed and thoughtful, sometimes to the point of being morose and miserable to be around.  In short, I think the link between weather and mood is tenuous at best, to the point of being imaginary.  But I was in a good mood today, and I got a lot done around the house that needed doing.  Hence, lots of paper recycling going out.

I thought it would be fun to fool around on Polyvore with the backgrounds, text and borders, and this was the result.  I have to get out of the house more, so I'll have more opportunities to wear these imagined outfits.