Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Outfits, 5/15/2013 and 5/14/2013

Outfits, 5/15/2013 and 5/14/2013
Left: Mammogram outfit: Pink hair ties, rose pink J. Jill crinkle scarf, pink striped socks, J. Jill rose pink t-shirt, LL Bean black Perfect Fit Bootcut Pants, Aersosoles black Army shoes, denim blazer, Gap canvas tote.

Right: Board meeting outfit: Blue hair tie, agate necklace, translucent pouch, J. Jill white t-shirt, LL Bean black chino pants, Aerosoles black Army shoes, dark-rinse denim jacket, Gap canvas tote.  

Today's outfit, 5/15/2013 is on the left, and yesterday's outfit, for the Board meeting, 5/14/2013, is on the right.  I apologize for any confusion this causes.  I realize I did the set contrary to left-right reading.  In my excitement to share my pink outfit, I did that first, then moved it to the left, then did yesterday's outfit.  Not that yesterday's outfit was less exciting, but ... PINK!!!  

So I had my mammogram today.  I had a biopsy back in November, which came back negative, gods be praised, and today was my sixth-month follow-up.  Naturally, I thought the color of the day should be pink, and lots of it.  It is my favorite color, along with blue.  

I don't actually have pink and white striped "Nerd" socks; I have pink and white striped socks with black skulls.  Because not only am I a nerd, I'm also an old-timey Goth nerd.  

Once again, the tote bag is a stand-in for my LL Bean custom tote bag.  

As for the Board meeting outfit, I wanted a vibe that was professional, and a little casual.  I've also decided to go for an edgier look ... in my middle years, I've decided I don't want to put up with nonsense.  So I try to add something to my outfit that gets that across.  Whether I'm succeeding or not, only time will tell.  One thing's for sure, when I wear an outfit that makes me feel strong and empowered, I don't put up with nonsense, and I feel stronger and more capable, so hopefully that comes across.  

The translucent pouch is a stand-in for the polyvinyl envelope in which I carry my legal pad to take notes, and documents.  

The agate necklace is a stand-in for a beautiful agate heart necklace on a leather cord that I bought at a crafts fair at the Staten Island Mall.  The artisan made beautiful gemstone jewelry with metal and leather, and it was inexpensive ($10 a piece!), so I bought quite a few necklaces from him.