Saturday, May 18, 2013

Outfit for Health Fair, 5/17/2013, and the Importance of Friends

Outfit for Health Fair, 5/17/2013
J. Jill Rose Pink v-neck tee, LL Bean Raw Indigo Bayside Twill Chinos - curvy fit, Aerosoles black Army loafers, red coral necklace, Coldwater Creek denim jacket, Gap tote.  

Today I went to a Health Fair with three lovely ladies, my friends Linda, Joan and Patty.  It was at the local Jewish Community Center, and it was sponsored by our State Senator, Andrew Lanza.  It was a health fair for adults and children with special needs.  It went from 10 AM to 2 PM.  The four of us represented NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  

Once again, a pink t-shirt made an appearance, but not the one in the picture.  I wore a pink Lane Bryant v-neck tee today.  A note about the necklace:  The one I wore today was one of the $10 jobs I picked up at the crafts fair at the Staten Island Mall.  Red coral is supposed to help the wearer to have courage, and I needed that today.  

I don't usually talk about my personal issues here, but I suffer from anxiety, and this morning was especially bad.  I called my friend Patty.  I explained to her that I really wanted to go to the health fair, and I didn't want to cancel because of my severe anxiety.  So she gave me a nifty mantra:  "It's useless negativity.  Let it go."  So for all of my anxieties that surfaced (if I leave the house today, will I get home alive; I was doing so well this week by following through on all my obligations, now what?; to give a few examples), I just countered them with "Useless negativity.  Let it go."  I have no control over those things, except for the last.  The last one was under my control; all I had to do was make it into the shower, get dressed and wait for Joan to pick me up, and I'd be able to do what I intended to do today.  The real problem is just getting out the door; once I get over that challenge, I'm usually fine.  

Patty also said something great to me, which was, "Just tell yourself you're going to spend the day with the girls.  Don't think about anything else."  So with that as my other mantra, I was able to shower, get dressed and get out the door.  

Linda and Joan were supportive, too, and suggested other things I could do to alleviate my anxiety.  I will take their advice.  

So that's it, folks - having good people in your corner is one of the keys to life.  With good friends and family, you can overcome your fears and have a productive day!  

It reminded me of an embroidered sampler that my sister gave me when I was a little girl.  It read:  "They are rich who have true friends."  I have certainly been blessed in that respect in my life.  I wish the same for you.