Thursday, May 30, 2013

Honeybuns of Steel Outfit

Honeybuns of Steel Outfit
Messy Ponytail; Livejournal Logo t-shirt in black from Cafepress; LL Bean Perfect Fit Straight Leg Pants in Gray; Crocs Bistro Vent in Black.  

Yes, it's totally true. If I go out looking my very best, dressed to the nines, not one hair out of place, face looking fresh and dewy, lips moist and pillowy, no one will notice. I hit the pavement dressed in a t-shirt from 2006 that I wore the day before, pants from 2005 that I also wore the day before, and Crocs that make me look like I have Bozo the Clown feet, all topped by a messy ponytail, complete with goop in my hair from the sleep study the night before, and what happens? Some dude decides to flirt with me. As I wished him a good day, he said, "So long, Honeybuns!" Back in the day, I would've taken umbrage at such familiarity. Nowadays I just think it's cute and old-fashioned.

Men. If only they came with an instruction manual.

livejournal T-Shirt by livejournal

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rainy Day Fantasy

Rainy Day Fantasy
J. Jill denim shirt, LL Bean Perfect Fit Bootcut Pants, LL Bean rain trench, Doc Martens boots.  

So this was my fantasy today while puttering around the house and taking the paper recycling out to the trash/recycling enclosure:  It was a rainy day in Paris.

In reality, outside the birds were taking a bath and singing merrily.  The spring flowers, leaves and trees and shrubs were happily growing.  I was nice and snug and warm in my bed, and then in my kitchen.

I love rainy days, so long as it's a gentle, female spring rain, and not the horrible freezing downpours that we sometimes get in the colder months.  I could imagine wandering through the streets of Paris in a raincoat and boots and comfy pants and warm shirt, gazing at the passersby, looking in the store windows, stopping off at a patisserie or cafe for some refreshment on my long walk.  I don't like to make connections between my mood and mental state and the weather, because sometimes I'm in a good mood when it's a beautiful sunny day, and sometimes it just fills me with dread and anxiety (thank you, 9/11/2001).  Likewise, I usually feel more at home on a gray, rainy day, but I can also be inclined to be depressed and thoughtful, sometimes to the point of being morose and miserable to be around.  In short, I think the link between weather and mood is tenuous at best, to the point of being imaginary.  But I was in a good mood today, and I got a lot done around the house that needed doing.  Hence, lots of paper recycling going out.

I thought it would be fun to fool around on Polyvore with the backgrounds, text and borders, and this was the result.  I have to get out of the house more, so I'll have more opportunities to wear these imagined outfits.  

Outfit for Health Fair, 5/17/2013, and the Importance of Friends

Outfit for Health Fair, 5/17/2013
J. Jill Rose Pink v-neck tee, LL Bean Raw Indigo Bayside Twill Chinos - curvy fit, Aerosoles black Army loafers, red coral necklace, Coldwater Creek denim jacket, Gap tote.  

Today I went to a Health Fair with three lovely ladies, my friends Linda, Joan and Patty.  It was at the local Jewish Community Center, and it was sponsored by our State Senator, Andrew Lanza.  It was a health fair for adults and children with special needs.  It went from 10 AM to 2 PM.  The four of us represented NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  

Once again, a pink t-shirt made an appearance, but not the one in the picture.  I wore a pink Lane Bryant v-neck tee today.  A note about the necklace:  The one I wore today was one of the $10 jobs I picked up at the crafts fair at the Staten Island Mall.  Red coral is supposed to help the wearer to have courage, and I needed that today.  

I don't usually talk about my personal issues here, but I suffer from anxiety, and this morning was especially bad.  I called my friend Patty.  I explained to her that I really wanted to go to the health fair, and I didn't want to cancel because of my severe anxiety.  So she gave me a nifty mantra:  "It's useless negativity.  Let it go."  So for all of my anxieties that surfaced (if I leave the house today, will I get home alive; I was doing so well this week by following through on all my obligations, now what?; to give a few examples), I just countered them with "Useless negativity.  Let it go."  I have no control over those things, except for the last.  The last one was under my control; all I had to do was make it into the shower, get dressed and wait for Joan to pick me up, and I'd be able to do what I intended to do today.  The real problem is just getting out the door; once I get over that challenge, I'm usually fine.  

Patty also said something great to me, which was, "Just tell yourself you're going to spend the day with the girls.  Don't think about anything else."  So with that as my other mantra, I was able to shower, get dressed and get out the door.  

Linda and Joan were supportive, too, and suggested other things I could do to alleviate my anxiety.  I will take their advice.  

So that's it, folks - having good people in your corner is one of the keys to life.  With good friends and family, you can overcome your fears and have a productive day!  

It reminded me of an embroidered sampler that my sister gave me when I was a little girl.  It read:  "They are rich who have true friends."  I have certainly been blessed in that respect in my life.  I wish the same for you.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Outfits, 5/15/2013 and 5/14/2013

Outfits, 5/15/2013 and 5/14/2013
Left: Mammogram outfit: Pink hair ties, rose pink J. Jill crinkle scarf, pink striped socks, J. Jill rose pink t-shirt, LL Bean black Perfect Fit Bootcut Pants, Aersosoles black Army shoes, denim blazer, Gap canvas tote.

Right: Board meeting outfit: Blue hair tie, agate necklace, translucent pouch, J. Jill white t-shirt, LL Bean black chino pants, Aerosoles black Army shoes, dark-rinse denim jacket, Gap canvas tote.  

Today's outfit, 5/15/2013 is on the left, and yesterday's outfit, for the Board meeting, 5/14/2013, is on the right.  I apologize for any confusion this causes.  I realize I did the set contrary to left-right reading.  In my excitement to share my pink outfit, I did that first, then moved it to the left, then did yesterday's outfit.  Not that yesterday's outfit was less exciting, but ... PINK!!!  

So I had my mammogram today.  I had a biopsy back in November, which came back negative, gods be praised, and today was my sixth-month follow-up.  Naturally, I thought the color of the day should be pink, and lots of it.  It is my favorite color, along with blue.  

I don't actually have pink and white striped "Nerd" socks; I have pink and white striped socks with black skulls.  Because not only am I a nerd, I'm also an old-timey Goth nerd.  

Once again, the tote bag is a stand-in for my LL Bean custom tote bag.  

As for the Board meeting outfit, I wanted a vibe that was professional, and a little casual.  I've also decided to go for an edgier look ... in my middle years, I've decided I don't want to put up with nonsense.  So I try to add something to my outfit that gets that across.  Whether I'm succeeding or not, only time will tell.  One thing's for sure, when I wear an outfit that makes me feel strong and empowered, I don't put up with nonsense, and I feel stronger and more capable, so hopefully that comes across.  

The translucent pouch is a stand-in for the polyvinyl envelope in which I carry my legal pad to take notes, and documents.  

The agate necklace is a stand-in for a beautiful agate heart necklace on a leather cord that I bought at a crafts fair at the Staten Island Mall.  The artisan made beautiful gemstone jewelry with metal and leather, and it was inexpensive ($10 a piece!), so I bought quite a few necklaces from him.  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Outfit Possibility Inspired by Kiah of the blog, "From the Rez to the City"

Outfit Possibility Inspired by Kiah of the blog, "From the Rez to the City"

Kiah of the blog, From the Rez to the City, created an outfit where she combined a vintage navy jacket with boyfriend jeans.  I thought to myself, "Hmm, I have a navy jacket and plenty of jeans - maybe I could make it work?"  This is an experiment.  I'm turning into a basic jeans and t-shirt kind of woman, but I like to break out of that pattern (I refuse to admit I'm in a rut!) every now and again, and Kiah provided a perfect example of combining the casual look of jeans with a dressy jacket, kicking the outfit up a notch.  

I did two colorways, grounded by neutral accessories.  The chino jacket is navy from LL Bean (no longer available in women's plus size).  The jeans are Lane Bryant T-3 jeans.  The t-shirts are J. Jill, one in Rose Pink and one in white.  The top scarf is in Rose Pink by J. Jill, and the bottom one is a casual floral scarf from LL Bean.  The handbag and shoes are similar to ones I own.  

The top colorway, pink and navy, reminds me of the color combinations from the 80's, when people were into the "preppy" look.  If I wanted to be really retro, I would wear pink slouchy socks and colorful oxfords and a pink handbag.  Nowadays I would be afraid of dressing like one of my little nieces - it's a cute look on a 3 or 4 year old; not so much on me.  

I have to think of an opportunity to wear one of these outfits.  Which reminds me, I have to get my jeans hemmed next week.  I don't understand why Lane Bryant has an inseam of about 35" on their average jeans - not even the tall sizes!  I'm forced to cuff the jeans or get them hemmed.  I'm not a woman's petite, either - I'm 5' 7".  LL Bean pants, on the other hand, fit me exactly right.  Maybe I should start buying my jeans from LL Bean?  Or J. Jill - they fit me pretty well, too.  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

What I Wore, 5/9/2013

What I Wore, 5/9/2013

It was an easy day today, just one doctor's appointment.  It was raining off and on, but I was going to be traveling by car door-to-door, so I wasn't concerned about getting wet.  I love the gray LL Bean jeans that I have.  My pair are actually cotton velveteen boot-cut Saturday pants, so they aren't the model in the picture.  But they're close enough.  I have an old, light-wash faded denim jacket that I wore today - sort of looks like the one in the picture, without the price tag.  I can't even remember where I bought it, I've had it so long.  Once again, the actual tote bag is this one: