Monday, April 29, 2013

What I Packed: Trip to Greenville, NY

What I Packed: Trip to Greenville, NY
LL Bean women's floral casual scarf; LL Bean Trail Model fleece jacket in navy; Lane Bryant long sleeve tees in gray and white; LL Bean tunic tops in ivory and crystal blue; LL Bean jeans in gray; LL Bean Perfect Fit Straight Leg Pants in gray; LL Bean Perfect Fit Bootcut Pants in black.  Old Navy flip flops in cyclamen; Bistro Vent Crocs in black; LL Bean comfort mocs in wood brown.  

I think I did pretty well packing for this trip; I used everything that I took with me, including the three pair of footwear.  The flip flops were for the shower and hanging out in my room, the Crocs were for hanging out in the building where we had our rooms, and the comfort mocs were for walking around the grounds and attending the training.  The more I look at those comfort mocs the more I think, "Girl, you need new shoes!"

Comfort was key on this trip, because we were in training from 9 in the morning until nearly 6 PM.  We got two breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, 10 minutes each, plus one hour for lunch.  Other than that, my butt was planted in my chair, and comfort was essential!  Also, the car ride was long (2 1/2 to 3 hours).  We made a couple of pit stops, but honestly, it's taken me all day today to recuperate from the weekend.  I slept most of the day because I was in so much pain and I was so tired.  I didn't sleep well while I was up there.

Other than that, the scenery was beautiful.  The Empire State has a lot of appeal beyond the borough of Manhattan, although when everyone thinks of New York, Manhattan is usually the first place they think of.  The accommodations for the weekend were very nice.  The place was clean and well-maintained.  We stayed at The Ararat Center, which is a retreat center in Greenville, NY.  The food was unbelievably good (I made sure to thank the chef, now that I know how hard it is to work in a kitchen all day) and the staff there were very nice.

Here is the view that greeted me each morning:

Here are all my clothes laid out, waiting to be packed (the red anorak didn't make the cut, and ended up with the donations):

And how's this for some "purple mountain's majesty, above the fruited plain"?  That was sunset.