Monday, April 29, 2013

Trip to Greenville, NY

Trip to Greenville, NY

I wore this on the car trip up to Greenville, NY, where I attended a training this past weekend.  It was comfortable.  I didn't actually wear the Crocs during the trip, I wore brown LL Bean comfort mocs, but I wish I wore my Crocs!  They would have been more comfortable for a long car trip.  

The fleece jacket and the floral scarf, both from LL Bean (in fact, everything is from LL Bean, except the Crocs), really came in handy, because it was cold in Upstate New York.  During the day it was about in the 60's, but at night and early in the morning it was about in the 40's.  

I know, brown shoes don't go with blue and black, but I really need comfortable walking shoes.  My friend Rachid was wearing very cool black sneakers with orange laces.  I liked them.  

More later about what I packed for the trip.