Sunday, February 10, 2013

MissusSmartyPants Challenge: Seven Days/Eight Pieces

Seven Days/Eight Pieces

MissusSmartyPants, a/k/a Leslie Gonzales, posted a challenge to her subscribers to come up with eight pieces to wear over a seven-day period.  These were my eight, not taking into account two layering tanks, in cream and black, to wear under the black cardigan.

Posted below are some photos I took this afternoon of the actual pieces.

Pants: (left to right) LL Bean black twill chino pants, Lane Bryant T-3 denim jeans.
Top row, left to right: Lane Bryant long sleeve v-neck tee, LL Bean Boatneck tunic, Lane Bryant purple v-neck tee, LL Bean French Sailor's sweater, LL Bean layering tanks in cream and black, and LL Bean pink v-neck cotton sweater.  

The whole enchilada, including on the right, a black cardigan from Coldwater Creek.  

Detail of the smocking on the top half of the cardigan.

Hopefully I'll be able to make it work, starting Tuesday, 2/12/2013.  We'll see how it goes!  Results will be posted next week.  Updates as events warrant.  I have a feeling those Lane Bryant jeans are going to be falling off me by the end of the week.