Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Seven Days/Eight Pieces

Seven Days/Eight Pieces
From top left: Tuesday's outfit: white Lane Bryant t-shirt, black LL Bean twill chinos, purple Coldwater Creek jacket.  Accessories: Black Coach hobo, Aerosoles Army loafers, silver beaded necklace.  Wednesday: Cream LL Bean boatneck tunic, black LL Bean twill chinos, silver beaded necklace, Coach hobo, Doc Martens boots.  Thursday: Lace agate necklace, navy and white striped LL Bean French Sailor's shirt, LL Bean black twill chinos, Doc Martens boots, LL Bean camel coat, black Coach hobo.  Friday: Purple t-shirt, Lane Bryant T-3 jeans, LL Bean navy Trail Model fleece anorak.  Saturday: I deviated!  Black tee and black yoga pants.  Sunday: Pink cotton sweater, Lane Bryant jeans, cream LL Bean layering tank, Coach hobo.  Monday: French Sailor's shirt, Lane Bryant jeans, Coach hobo and silver beaded necklace.  

It was a busy week!  Monday I spent relaxing at home, getting ready for the week ahead.  Tuesday I had a meeting to attend with hospital staff, so I had to look professional; hence, the jacket.  Wednesday night, I was introducing a speaker at a presentation.  It's not a formal setting, so I played it casual, but neat in the LL Bean tunic and chinos.  Thursday, I attended a meeting with a State Assemblyman.  I figured it would be a long day, so I thought something comfortable but still professional would be in order.  

Friday I had off, so for kicking around the neighborhood, I wore jeans and a tee.  It was warm enough to wear just the anorak outside.  Saturday I chillaxed at home, so I thought a tee and yoga pants would do.  Sunday I went to Weight Watchers, and after that I was hanging out with a friend, so I chose something pleasantly comfy and casual.  However, it was very cold, and I froze, because I wasn't dressed warmly enough.  Teach me to start thinking about spring during a New York winter.  Monday night I went to a support group meeting, where I was going to be meeting many of the people for the first time, so I decided to look casual but presentable.

I made a couple of changes from the initial selection:  I chose a jacket instead of a cardigan, and I only used one of the tank tops (the cream one).  I'm happy to say the Lane Bryant jeans stood up to repeated wearings very well.  They didn't bag or sag at all.  Hooray for T-3!  

I didn't quite succeed in managing on only eight pieces.  I had to supplement with layering tanks, and Saturday I took a break from the challenge, so technically I didn't make it through all seven days on the eight pieces I chose.  I think what I learned from this is that, while I have a casual lifestyle, I have to be prepared to look polished and professional on short notice, and I think I accomplished that over these seven days.  I think I should get extra bonus points, because I did this challenge a week before sending out my laundry for the month, so my wardrobe choices were somewhat limited.  

I have to say the champion pieces from this challenge were the LL Bean black twill chinos, and the Doc Martens boots.  Both are versatile, durable, and can look good under any circumstances.  I bought the Doc Martens because fall, winter and spring in New York means unpredictable, messy weather, with snow, ice, rain and mud on the ground, making navigation treacherous.  The Doc Martens are great, because they are warm, dry, comfortable, look good no matter what, and have non-skid treads on the soles, so I don't go slipping around on the pavement.  I was telling a friend buying them had to be the best $130 I ever spent.  I have no regrets!  I recommend them highly.  I wore them almost every day for this challenge.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

MissusSmartyPants Challenge: Seven Days/Eight Pieces

Seven Days/Eight Pieces

MissusSmartyPants, a/k/a Leslie Gonzales, posted a challenge to her subscribers to come up with eight pieces to wear over a seven-day period.  These were my eight, not taking into account two layering tanks, in cream and black, to wear under the black cardigan.

Posted below are some photos I took this afternoon of the actual pieces.

Pants: (left to right) LL Bean black twill chino pants, Lane Bryant T-3 denim jeans.
Top row, left to right: Lane Bryant long sleeve v-neck tee, LL Bean Boatneck tunic, Lane Bryant purple v-neck tee, LL Bean French Sailor's sweater, LL Bean layering tanks in cream and black, and LL Bean pink v-neck cotton sweater.  

The whole enchilada, including on the right, a black cardigan from Coldwater Creek.  

Detail of the smocking on the top half of the cardigan.

Hopefully I'll be able to make it work, starting Tuesday, 2/12/2013.  We'll see how it goes!  Results will be posted next week.  Updates as events warrant.  I have a feeling those Lane Bryant jeans are going to be falling off me by the end of the week.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MissusSmartyPants Challenge: One Item, Five Ways

One Item, Five Ways

MissusSmartyPants, a/k/a Leslie Gonzales, presented a challenge to her readers today on Facebook, which was to use one basic item from your wardrobe, five different ways.  OK, so I cheated a bit on my Polyvore set (no, I do not have a Balenciaga handbag hiding out in my closet), but the shoes, cardigans, jackets, and tops are all items I own, or are very similar to items that I own.  I took liberties with the handbags and scarves.  

The basic item I chose to work with was my black LL Bean twill chino pants.  Can't get much more basic than black pants, right?  I actually did this challenge with items from my physical wardrobe (as opposed to my virtual wardrobes on Polyvore and Pinterest), and I was able to come up with five combinations, and more.  

I'm happy to say, that following MSP's advice and carefully editing my wardrobe, and spending my money on good, versatile basics in a few colors (black, navy, gray and the ubiquitous denim) has finally paid off.   Now, instead of flinging my closet open the night before a big event and screaming, "I have nothing to wear!"  I can proudly claim that I have outfits for practically any occasion.  Getting dressed is something I can do easily, and I look forward to it.  It's only taken me 52 years to figure it out, LOL!  

So, thanks go out to MissusSmartyPants a/k/a Leslie Gonzales.  You have another satisfied customer!