Sunday, January 13, 2013

Beauty Haul from The Body Shop and Ulta

Christmas was last month, and my birthday is this month, so I took the opportunity to give myself some presents.  

For Christmas, it was this:

This is the Glamour-to-Go palette from Too Faced.  It has eight eyeshadows, a blush (lower left), lip gloss (lower center) and bronzer (lower right).
The Glamour-to-Go palette was from Ulta.  I have to learn to take better pictures, because these photos are too dark to really see the color of the makeup clearly.  I have yet to try it out.  I'm looking for excuses to wear makeup when I go out.  It's a matter of making the time to apply it before I leave the house.  

I got most of the items below from The Body Shop for my birthday.  I have a Love Your Body membership, so I get $10 off one purchase in my birthday month.  Plus, I had LYB points, and the 10% LYB discount, and there was a 50% off fragrance and makeup sale, so you know I had to take advantage of that!  
Love Etc. Body Butter, Love Etc. Eau de Parfum, and some lip butters.  
Love Etc. Eau de Parfum, and Allover Shimmer in Enchanting Gold
I bought the Love Etc. Body Butter and Eau de Parfum, the Allover Shimmer in Enchanting Gold and a holiday gift set of a trio of fruit and nut lip butters that was on sale.  

I like the Love Etc. fragrance, because it's an earthy floral.  I thought the body butter and eau de parfum would be a good way to layer on the fragrance.  

The Allover Shimmer is a lightly fragranced powder that goes on silky smooth and leaves a subtle shine.  It's good if you want to show off your décolleté in a low-cut or strapless outfit, or if you want to highlight some skin, on your face, legs, or wherever.  

I really love The Body Shop's lip butters; they're very emollient and keep lips moisturized.  You do have to re-apply, though.  

I bought some other things in a previous purchase from The Body Shop, seen here:  

Most of the haul, and to the left, above the Too Faced box: The Body Shop's Cocoa Butter Stick, and Brush-on Radiance Beads, from a previous purchase.  
Close-up of the Cocoa Butter and Radiance Beads.  
The Cocoa Butter stick is great for stretch marks, scars and dry, cracked skin.  I'm using it on a scar from a recent biopsy (negative, thank the gods!), and rough patches on my hands and elbows.  

The Brush-on Radiance Beads are my secret weapon.  The Body Shop makes them in different shades, to suit all skin tones.  The Brush-on Radiance Beads are beads that come in a variety of shades of pink and peach, suitable for someone like me with fair skin.  They have shades in copper and deeper tones that can be used as a bronzer or as a highlighter.  I use them as a highlighter.  After I apply tinted moisturizer and powder, I swirl my brush into the Brush-on Radiance Beads, and apply it to my cheekbones, chin and forehead.  It gives me a nice, healthy glow.  

The Too Faced Glamour-to-Go palette (which comes in another palette of colors in addition to the one  seen here) costs $21 on  With tax and shipping and handling, it came to about $30.  But if you consider that you're getting eight eyeshadows, a bronzer and a blush, and a lip gloss, it's not so bad.  

I almost hate to tell you how much The Body Shop's haul cost me.  Are you ready for this?  For the Eau de Parfum, the Body Butter, the Allover Shimmer and the lip butters, it came to about $15.  With shipping and tax, it came to less than $20.  I feel bad, like I stole from them, but it was all legal!  

I'm ready to look sensational and dazzling in the New Year!

Did you get anything recently that makes you feel good?