Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh, Sandy Girl!

That's a song by Bruce Springsteen, who I hear is doing a benefit concert for his home state of New Jersey, which was very hard hit by, yes, Hurricane Sandy!

Personally I've never been through a storm of that magnitude, and I've been through some legendary storms (Blizzard of '96, anyone?).  I have to say, though, the majority of people have been friendly and neighborly as the city and Tri-State area work to get back to normal.

I'll do a report on how we weathered the storm, but alas I have no photos of what I wore!  I really didn't want the sight of me unwashed and wearing dirty old clothes to be immortalized on the Internet!

Here's a link to The Staten Island Advance (
that has the latest updates on how things are progressing (or not) on Staten Island in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.