Monday, November 12, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath - Staten Island Needs Help!

My trusty LL Bean flashlight and case, which we used in the bathroom to save the batteries.  It takes AA batteries, which turned out to be a good thing, because C's and D's were all sold out, and my friend Danny, who came over last week to check on us, just happened to have some extra AA's on him.  
Two candles, wooden kitchen matches, a snuffer, and a wick trimmer.  Witchy accouterments that came in handy during the power outage.  
I was going to do a blog post about how I made it through Hurricane Sandy, but one of my readers suggested that I also present links to resources for people who need help, and for people who want to help Staten Islanders in our time of need.  We truly are the "Forgotten Borough" of New York City, and I know I have readers from all around the world, so if you are in a position to help, please consider doing so.

We were without power for four days, which sounds like a long time, but there are people who haven't had power since the Monday before Hurricane Sandy hit, and they don't expect to have power anytime soon.

Here's how we've been surviving:

My consumption of Spam (and other canned food) has supplanted my consumption of fresh food, and those of you who are familiar with Monty Python will know this has led to much hilarity in our little home.  Our Intensive Case Manager had good news for us today, which was that Con Ed will reimburse people for food they lost due to power outages, if you present them with the receipt.  Since I spent almost $200 on groceries shortly before the storm, mostly on fresh food and perishable items, this will help tremendously.  As you will see, we had to throw away all of our perishable items.  
 Lots of canned food!

We have bread, butter and flour.  

 And not much else.  I have onions, Granny Smith apples and baby carrots, because they don't go bad quickly, but I lost the eggs, chicken broth and just about anything else that I could use to make a recipe.
Iced tea cooling down in the freezer - but nothing else.  
Water, water, everywhere!  But not much else.  
Mostly medication in the top shelf of the refrigerator door, prunes; more water, some butter and raisins; apples, oil and syrup.  The apples, raisins and water are good to go - not much I can do with the rest.
You may be wondering why I haven't gone shopping to restock yet - due to the gas shortage and problems with transportation and infrastructure, supermarkets were having trouble restocking their shelves after the storm, so I'm waiting until this Saturday to go shopping.  There isn't much available in the neighborhood, and I don't want to buy anything that went bad because of the storm that the store didn't discard.  Hey, it happens.
To add insult to injury, we had a Nor'easter yesterday and last night.  The photo above is what it looked like at dusk yesterday.  
Above and below: This is what it looked like this morning.  

So, as you can see from these pictures, life is pretty real here in the Big Apple.  My roommate went out today to the areas that were most affected by Hurricane Sandy: Midland Beach and Father Capodanno Blvd., and she said it was completely devastated.  The houses all along Fr. Cap have been completely demolished, and Midland Avenue was in bad shape, as well.  And that's just a small part of Staten Island.  And people are without heat and electricity in the cold weather.  

Here are some links to resources:  

Gov. Cuomo's Webpage for Post-Hurricane Resources - this webpage also has a link for donations.  

Be well and safe out there, everybody!  Once again, if you can help, please do so.  It doesn't have to be a huge amount; every little bit helps.