Sunday, October 28, 2012

Have You Heard of Claspies?

My sister told me about this product, which seems like it would be useful for people.  It's Claspies, a bikini-style panty for women, which features clasps on either side that permit changing the panties without having to bend over or remove one's pants or legwear.  They are suitable for athletes, people who travel a great deal (those tight bathrooms in airplanes), people with mobility issues, and others.

Here's the link:

The fit guide states that there is an XL size available, but it's not listed with the other packs they have available for sale.  Also, the hip measurements are in centimeters (don't know why they did that), so conversion to inches may be necessary.

I haven't tried these, and in fact I hadn't heard of them until my sister told me about them.  They have a request for men's styles, and I would hope that they would create plus-size styles as well.

If you decide to try them, please let me a comment and let me know how it worked out.