Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Learning Yet Another Lesson on How NOT to Spend Money, Pt. 2

See all that Old Navy stuff in the previous post?  

The verdict is in:  I'm never shopping Old Navy again (except for flip-flops).  I'm very dissatisfied with my purchases.  The fabric on the tank top was too sheer and flimsy, and the cut on the khaki and black twill capris was ... how shall I say this?  I don't know who they cut their clothes for.  Whomever their fit model is, she must not have a waist.  The hips and the waist on the capris were the exact same width.  I'm sorry, I am a woman, not a box; I have curves, with hips and a waist.  Maybe their capris fit some women, but the savings that I derived is going to be eaten up by the expense of having to take the garments to the tailor to have them hemmed and the waist taken in.  

I should've just gotten my usual LL Bean Perfect Fit Cropped Pants - they fit properly, and they look good - nice and polished.  And if I wanted twill capris, I could've gotten LL Bean's twill capris, or Lane Bryant's.  Live and learn, that's what I say.  Now I know better.  Old Navy is good for cheap flip-flops, and little else, for me, at any rate.  

In for a dime, in for a dollar - I should've just spent the money and bought something that would have fit properly.  I should've heeded MissusSmartyPants' advice:  It's only a bargain on sale if you would have paid full price for it in the first place.  In other words, whether something is expensive or inexpensive should not be your only criteria for figuring out what to purchase with your hard-earned dollars:  You have to factor in Cost Per Wear (how many times you will wear the garment vs. how much you paid for it), the expense of maintaining the garment, and tailoring if it doesn't fit properly, and whether you'll have to buy more new items to go with it, or if it coordinates with items you already have in your wardrobe.  

You have to love it, too, otherwise it will hang in your closet, or sit in a drawer, longing for you to take it out and wear it, and sobbing quietly to its buddies when you ignore it, thereby engendering garment-guilt on your part.  Definitely something you want to avoid.

At this point, I'm proud to say, I have considerably less in the way of clothes than I had this time last year, so everything is in constant rotation for the season.  The only items I haven't worn in a long time are my dress shirts, and that's because I haven't had any occasions that call for dress shirts.  Plus, they itch when I wear them, so I prefer to wear t-shirts, but they're not appropriate for every occasion.

This is my thought process that I will use in the future to decide whether I will make a purchase or not.  I have to rid myself of this notion that it doesn't matter what I spend my money on.  It matters, and it has long-term effects.  Hopefully these capri pants will start earning their keep when I get them altered, but until then, I just have to put it down to making a bad decision in haste, while I was lured in by the temptation of a 30% off sale.  

Live and learn, baby, live and learn.  Sometimes I feel like I keep living and not learning, but part of doing this blog is that it keeps me on track to be a more conscientious consumer.  So far I've gotten better at keeping track of my spending and staying on top of writing down what I spend every day, and reconciling my "books" at the end of every month.  But that's a post for another time ... maybe next time!

Have a Happy Independence Day, everyone!  Stay safe and enjoy your day!