Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Is Almost Here!

And it's time to transition my wardrobe pretty soon.  Stay tuned this week for the Great Closet Cleanout and Wardrobe Transition (yee ha!).  I haven't even figured out what to buy, because I still have to see what I have, what I have to get rid of, either by donating or tossing, and what needs repairing.  The plan is to take everything out of the Rubbermaid tote that I use for out-of-season textile storage, and along with all my current dirty laundry, send it out to the famous Spa Laundry, so they can wash and dry everything.  I have to do that Tuesday, and send everything to the laundry Wednesday when I'll be home, so I'll be here to pick it up when they deliver it.  Then I'll be sorting the fall/winter and summer clothes, putting the fall/winter clothes in the closet and armoire, and putting the summer clothes away in the magical Rubbermaid tote.

I promise to take pictures.