Friday, September 30, 2011

The Great Closet Cleanout, Fall 2011 Edition

Here's a view of the armoire, with all the fall and transitional clothes:  
On top of the armoire:  My secret hoard of Beanie Babies and plushies, in the LL Bean Duffle Bag, and in the canvas box, a Seaside Wreath from LL Bean.  But you don't really want to know about my obsessions with Beanie Babies and the sea, right?  Moving on:  Top shelf:  fleece sweatshirts and vests, microfleece wraps (brown and black); 2nd shelf from top, first cubby: white button-down shirts, white t-shirts and colored t-shirts; 2nd cubby: unmentionables; 3rd cubby: bras; 4th cubby: camisoles and tank tops.  3rd shelf from top, left to right: athletic wear, including bras, tops, pants and capris; more colored t-shirts; long-sleeved knit shirts; logo t-shirts.  4th shelf from top, left to right: socks, cotton sweaters, black knit pants, brown and tan corduroy pants; brown knit pants.  Open drawer on bottom:  That's where more socks live, plus the laundry bags.  

 The family jewels.  They seriously need some organizers, because they're all just lying around in a mosh pit in there - all the necklaces are mixed together, the bracelets, too.  I need to pay a visit to The Container Store.
 The top portion of my closet.  On the top shelf are my "investment" bags (plus the immortal snakeskin in the Dansko shoebox).  In the acrylic cubbies beneath are an assortment of Steve Madden flats, casual and evening bags, cell phone accessories (???) and the purple thing is a beautiful scarf that I've had since ... 1980-something.  It's beautiful.  It doesn't need any other reason to justify its existence.  The acrylic cubbies are a purchase from The Container Store, and they're very handy for utilizing space in closets that have high ceilings.  You can just stack them on top of each other.  They come in a range of sizes, I believe, and you can arrange them in a variety of ways.
 I cleaned out the hanging section of the closet pretty well.  I got rid of several pair of pants that had just been lying around taking up space.  Now I have more room for all the stuff I bought over the spring and summer!  The wooden hangers are also purchased from The Container Store.
 My scarves!  I love scarves; I think they're a great way to add "pop" to an outfit in the colder months, when I tend to wear more neutrals and dark colors.  The scarf hanger is (you guessed it!) from The Container Store.  It's finished wood, so it's snag-free.
 A closer look at the pretty colors of the scarves.
 This motley looking selection is actually my shoes in boxes, my backpack (the black thing on the floor), my violin (the black thing to the right), and the thing in the Lot Less bag is my new yoga mat, that I bought for $5.99!  As you can see, I got rid of the night table that was in there - now it's in the living room, being used as, who would have guessed?  A table!  I keep my lamp on there and my roommate uses it for her boombox.
 Silk scarves:  One is for Valentine's Day (the one with "Love" and hearts and red flowers), a spring scarf, and a "Hermes" type scarf (no, it's not really Hermes, but a girl can fantasize, right?)  The "Hermes" type scarf is actually a thrift store purchase from way back in the 80's.  Apparently I have a lot of trouble giving up some things.
 More scarves:  the blue and teal scarf with the Chinese symbols on it is very special to me, as it was given to me for a birthday present from my sister.  It's kind of my "lucky" scarf; I like to wear it when I'm giving big presentations.  The purple scarf I purchased from a "wearable art" and craft store in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, NY.  It's a fancy evening scarf, so when I go to a fancy dinner or gala evening event, I like to wear it.
 Saying good-bye to the sandals as I put them away for the summer.
 My night-table and bedside reading:  O Magazine, InStyle Magazine, other magazines, and Rona Berg's book, "Beauty: The New Basics."  I really like Rona Berg, she writes about makeup in an intelligent and amusing way.  Sometimes reading about makeup or fashion is like watching paint dry (really, who wouldn't rather be reading Stieg Larsson or Jo Nesbo?), but there are some good authors out there, and Rona Berg is one of them, in my opinion.
More bedtime reading:  Joseph Campbell, "The Hero With A Thousand Faces," Peter Walsh, "How to Organize Just About Everything," the aforementioned "Beauty: The New Basics," and more Peter Walsh, "Enough Already!  Clearing Mental Clutter to Become the Best You."  I guess you could say that's an "aspirational" reading list.  I aspire to be wise, beautiful and well-organized.  Or at least a reasonable facsimile of such, LOL!  Oh, the bookends are a pair of light blue hands, from Jonathan Adler's line for Barnes & Noble.

Well, now that the dust has settled (sort of) from the transition from summer to fall, I don't think I need much, but I would like to get some ribbed, fitted long-sleeved t-shirts.  I have plenty of dress shirts and dress pants, but I need more casual clothing, since I'm not working, and chances are if I do get a job, it's not going to require I wear a suit and dress shoes every day.  I just need long-sleeve tees I can wear underneath sweaters in the cold weather.  In colors other than brown or black.  I think I would also like to get two more pair of khaki pants in neutral colors.

But I have a confession to make - I still have not settled on an anchor color for my wardrobe, or a signature piece.  I guess my signature piece would be the scarf, since I have so many of them, but really people know me for my handbags - but that's expensive!!!  As far as colors go, I have a multiplicity of neutral colors in my wardrobe: black, brown, navy, khaki and gray.  I like them all, I wear most of them, but it limits the combinations of outfits I can make.  Clearly, I have to put some thought into this.

I've decided to start wearing makeup more frequently, but I find I have a lot of questions about it, and I'm finding it difficult to figure out exactly how to go about it.  Back in my 30's and early 40's I used to wear makeup frequently, but for some reason I stopped.  Now I can see the point of it; also formulations have improved, and there are products that aren't irritating to the skin that are available, and I'd like to try them, but zounds, last time I went to The Body Shop to buy makeup, I felt like they took advantage of my ignorance and talked me into products I didn't need or want.  This is why I hate shopping for makeup - the sales associates see me coming and they don't see a person; they see an ATM machine.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Is Almost Here!

And it's time to transition my wardrobe pretty soon.  Stay tuned this week for the Great Closet Cleanout and Wardrobe Transition (yee ha!).  I haven't even figured out what to buy, because I still have to see what I have, what I have to get rid of, either by donating or tossing, and what needs repairing.  The plan is to take everything out of the Rubbermaid tote that I use for out-of-season textile storage, and along with all my current dirty laundry, send it out to the famous Spa Laundry, so they can wash and dry everything.  I have to do that Tuesday, and send everything to the laundry Wednesday when I'll be home, so I'll be here to pick it up when they deliver it.  Then I'll be sorting the fall/winter and summer clothes, putting the fall/winter clothes in the closet and armoire, and putting the summer clothes away in the magical Rubbermaid tote.

I promise to take pictures.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Odyssey of the House of Halston

Halston designed what I think is the world's most perfect dress, an organza fuchsia jeweled spaghetti strap ballgown with inverted pleats on a dropped waist and a ruffled hem.  It was stunning; you can ask Geena Davis, she was there, too!