Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Uh, Oh, Fall Is Coming ...

The weather is cooler (in the 70's!), there's a briskness in the air after Tropical Storm Irene, and even though it's still warm out, Halloween decorations and goodies are appearing in the stores along with back-to-school merchandise (I love me some back-to-school merch!).  So you know that means only one thing (well, two things actually):  Fall is on its way ... and those evil little monsters a/k/a "students" will soon be populating the streets, trains and buses again.  Ick.  The less said about them the better.  On the positive side (well, I'm trying to think positive, anyway, considering that Fall is the time of year I typically run into "mood disorder" trouble), there's all the new fashion coming out!

I was going to do a run-down of the trends, but you can get that anywhere.  So I don't think I'm going to do that.  So I have to figure out what I will do.  Does anyone have any requests of what they'd like to see me cover?  More denim?  Denim is really big this fall, and the trend is actually to have matching denim pieces, or mismatched denim pieces.  It's weird, huh, how one season can change things?  So now I'm glad I bought my denim 3-piece suit, because I'll be right on trend.  And that denim pencil skirt from Lane Bryant that I bought is everywhere.  And the denim trouser pant is right on trend, too, so as far as I'm concerned, I'm good to go!

Also, one of the great things I did with my money when I had it, was that I bought a black 3-piece suit - pants, jacket and pencil skirt.  I also had all my clothes tailored to fit me, so not only am I on trend, but I look good, too!  And I'm so glad I bought the black 3-piece suit, because I printed out The Closet Inventory from The Budget Fashionista, and one of the items she recommends getting is a black 3-piece suit, with skirt, pants and jacket.  She also recommends some things I don't have, like black pumps, a strappy evening sandal, a brown or black leather boot (I'd like to get a pair of boots this fall and I have my eye on a pair of Dr. Martens "Gaucho" boots - I'm just happy that I'm not working anymore and don't have to please anyone but myself when I dress, so I can whatever I want!) and a 3-piece suit in a neutral color.  She recommends white shirts, of which I have plenty, so I'm covered there.  I also have nude heels (not those nude Christian Louboutin platform heels you see all the celebrities wearing, LOL!).  My nude heels are really a blush pink color in a croc print and they're from Aerosoles.  I think these can take the place of black pumps, unless I wear black hose, in which case ... I'm screwed, I think.

Also, I have some really great resources for tights (We Love Colors, Avenue, Spanx) and J. Jill sent me their new catalog and they go up to a size 4X.  They have a great easy-wear and easy-care line called the Wearever line, which features simply styled dresses, jackets, skirts, tops and pants and cardigans, suitable for traveling and getting through a busy day.  I would say these outfits could go easily from work, to meetings, to social gatherings.  I'm glad to see a straight-size retailer getting in on the action in the plus-size market, and not just offering sizes up to 22-24.  It would be great if more retailers saw the potential in offering a wider assortment of sizes, both large and small.

You know what else would be great?  If all retailers adhered to the same standard sizes.  I find even within their own brands, they don't do that.  With Coldwater Creek for example, last year I bought two cardigans from them, that were size 2X, the largest they had.  I'm usually a 3X and I was swimming in them!  Meanwhile, I can't wear their size 24 pants because they're too small.  Also, why don't they offer plus sizes in the store?  I very rarely see extended sizes in their store - if I do, it's usually out-of-season merchandise that looks like a hairball a cat coughed up.  Seriously, it's wrinkled, it's stained, it's damaged ... show us plus-size gals some love, CC!  Don't be h8trz!

And, to get back to the sizing dilemma, in Lane Bryant sizes I can take a 22-24 top and bottom, but sometimes I have to go up to a 26 - and then the garment is too big in the waist and I have to have it tailored.  Same problem with LL Bean.  I love LL Bean (don't tell anybody, but I think they're my favorite retailer) but I recently bought a denim skirt from them (see the post I did on denim a few weeks ago) and it fit nicely through the hips, and the length was good, but the waist!  OMG!!!  It came down to just above my hips, not at my waist at all (I have a high waist).  So I was spending the day pulling my skirt up by the waist.  Obviously, I should've gotten it tailored to fit, but I was anxious to wear it.  Well, marry in haste, repent at leisure, I always say.  Often I rush into something only to regret it later.  I can always get it tailored, though.  We'll just put it in the clothing care budget for next month.  LL Bean fitted clothes are usually too big in the waist for me, whereas their Perfect Fit Pants fit, well, perfectly.  No alterations needed.  Elastic waistbands work wonders.

Well, it's nearly 2 AM.  A question to my readers (all 9 of you):  Do you find that clothes generally fit you, or do you have to have them altered, and are there any brands that fit you better than others?  In general, what have your experiences been with finding clothes that fit, whatever your size?  I know smaller-sized women have issues with clothing fit, as well, as do tall women.  I'd like to hear from you!  Does anyone else have these problems?