Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Transitioning into Warmer Weather

It's 65 degrees and rainy out, and you know what that means!!!

It means spring has come to New York City, after hanging around pensively, debating her entrance.  I wore a t-shirt and my trench coat and some cotton knit pants this evening traveling to yoga class, and I was actually comfortable, and not freezing.  My outfit tonight was a little more casual than I wanted it to be, but I was in a hurry to get to class, and I brought my workout clothes to change into, so at any point when people would actually be looking at me without my trench coat on, I looked presentable.

Yoga class was fantastic, and I think it's going to be a staple in my life, because it really refreshed and rejuvenated me.  It also goes much better when you have the right gear:  comfortable, quick-drying workout clothes, a ponytail to hold back longer hair, and (most important!) a supportive sports bra.  I got the Enell bra, which is absolutely fantastic.  Honestly, nothing moves, it dries quickly on your body and it's very comfortable and supportive.  I have MissusSmartyPants to thank for that, because she posted a link to Enell in one of her style articles about proper workout wear and sports bras.  At first I ordered the wrong size, so it didn't fit.  I was on the border between two sizes, so I returned the bras I had and exchanged it for two in the next size up, same styles.  They're expensive, but when I saw how they were constructed and I saw the demonstration video (that girl's boobs did not bounce AT ALL!!!), I knew they would be supportive and indestructible, provided I didn't do something stupid like throw them in the washing machine and then the dryer.  They even help your posture a bit, because it has hook-and-eye closures on the front, and the back has a sturdy criss-cross strap design covered by quick-drying stretch fabric.  I would suggest checking it out.

Here's a link!

If you get the bra in Hope Pink, they donate money to FORCE, a breast cancer education organization.  Of course I got the Hope Pink!

My other concern is skincare for the warmer months.  I perspire quite a bit (not to get too gross), so my skin is prone to being oily, but also when I get too much sun, my skin dries up - it's really a mess.  So my skin is oily and scaly at the same time.  It drives me crazy.  I'm thinking of seeing a dermatologist to get help with this situation.  It's pretty frustrating.  I'd like to wear makeup, but it tends to slide right off my face in the heat, so I don't know if that's a great idea.  Does anybody else have these issues?

Also, I want to get a hat for sun protection and gloves, just because.  There's something so ladylike about wearing gloves with an outfit.  I want a fedora or a trilby, or maybe a broad-brimmed hat.  I have to try some on, see how they look.  I have an excursion to the Big Apple planned:  I want to go to Tip Top Shoes to get some good walking shoes and summer sandals, and while I'm in the city, I want to hit up La Crasia in Grand Central Terminal for accessories, specifically, hats and gloves.  It's a tiny little store near the Lexington Avenue and 43rd Street entrance of Grand Central, on the left side as you enter GCT from Lexington.  I have to bring my skirts and cardigans - or take pictures, that would make more sense.  When I bought two summer dresses from August Max Woman (does anybody remember them?), I took them to La Crasia, and the owner of the store helped me pick out a cute straw bag (it had a monkey on it!) and cute green gloves to go with the dresses.  I loved those outfits - I got rid of them in the move, though, so ... *sob*.  But I have new clothes!  I should be happy!  I just have to think of places to wear them!  Before I move again and have to get rid of more stuff (GAH!!!!  OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!).

Finally, I've started transitioning my wardrobe to warmer weather clothing.  I took out all my summer clothes last night and sent all my clothes, including my winter coats, to the laundry today.  It cost about $60 for the whole enchilada.  I have to put away my winter clothes and rotate the wardrobe into spring and summer clothes.  I had to throw some clothes out because they were stained or had holes and others don't fit anymore, so I'm giving those away.  Then I have to go through the winter clothes and see what kind of shape they're in and do the same.

In home decor news, I got fed up with my bedding and threw it out this morning, at 5:30, after sleeping on the couch from 1 AM to 4 AM.  Good-bye, smelly and stained duvet!  Good-bye filthy pillows!  Believe me, I had the duvet for about 25 years, it had a long, good life, and I bought the pillows back in 2006 when I moved into my previous apartment.  I think 5 years is long enough to have pillows.  They were pretty disgusting.  I saw a furry little woodland creature when I opened the trash can to throw in the bags with the bedding.  I slammed it shut immediately, and put my stuff on the sidewalk.  I'm very proud of myself for not vomiting or fainting, both of which I was tempted to do.  It took me awhile to calm down and recover myself.  But I managed!  Now I have to get new pillows.  I have a new duvet, but I'm going to put it away for the summer and take it out in the fall.

Time for bed!  Hope you're all transitioning into spring and summer, and that it's getting warm where you are!