Sunday, May 22, 2011

Picspam of the Great Transition from Winter to Spring/Summer 2011

 My unmentionables soaking in the sink.  Note the Johnson's Baby Shampoo!  Good for fine washables.

The top of my closet, after the spring/summer transition.  The tan bag, 4th in from the left, is the bag I'm going to be using for my dressy summer/spring bag.

 From left to right: Belts, shirts, jeans, pants, skirts, jackets, dresses, robe and scarves.

 The bottom of the closet.  Shoes, backpack and casual summer canvas bag from LL Bean.  My grandfather made the night table and my father refinished it for me.  What's a night table doing in a closet?  The housing program had two night tables in the room already, and I'm not giving this one up.

The armoire.  Storage on top.  First shelf from top: Fleece sweaters and wraps, in case it gets cold, which is does sometimes in NYC in the spring and summer.  2nd shelf from top l to r:  Surf shoes in the plastic box, scented drawer paper, unmentionables.  3rd shelf from top, l to r: Important papers, summer weight sweaters, t-shirts and tunics.  4th shelf from top, l to r: Tube socks, summer weight cardigans, black knit pants.  Open drawer: more socks, shorts, wool socks (in case it gets cold).

 Another view of the armoire.

 All my spring/summer purchases, mostly unopened, that I have to try on.

 You may be wondering about the Compass Rose pillow.  It's a sham I got from LL Bean back in 2007. I don't think they have it anymore.

 Top to bottom, left to right:  Black Perfect Fit Crop Pants from LL Bean, navy linen crop pants from LL Bean, DKNYJEANS denim jacket from Lane Bryant, a black pencil skirt, from Lane Bryant, sleeveless pima knit cotton tees from LL Bean in crystal blue, white and amethyst.

 From top to bottom, left to right: the DKNYJEANS denim jacket, an exotic floral print cardigan and A-line skirt from Lane Bryant, a white cardigan, Hollyhock v-neck tee, black pencil skirt, all from Lane Bryant.

 The v-neck tees from Lane Bryant in Hollyhock, blue jewel, raspberry rose, white and blue atoll.
The neck detail of the blue atoll v-neck tee.  It draws attention to the neckline and decolletage, which is a good thing!

My friend Erica has promised to come over and help me with the trying on process, to make sure the clothes fit and are the right color, look good on me, etc., all that good stuff.  I went a little crazy during a recent LB sale and bought 5 t-shirts, plus 5 panties and 2 bras (not pictured).  I got the shirts to go with the exotic floral print skirt and cardigan - hopefully it will all look good together.  Even if the skirt and cardigan have to go back (because they fit terrible, or look awful, heaven forbid!), I'm keeping the tees, because I really love the colors and styles.  Plus, they pretty much go with practically everything in my wardrobe, so that's a good thing.

I really need to get a full-length mirror, so I won't have to ask friends to come over and tell me whether my clothes fit or not.  Still, I do like getting a second opinion.

I don't want to post pictures of my Style File because that sucker is getting HUGE!!!  I went through it and weeded some things out, but it's still enormous.  I think it's indicative of the plethora of information that's out there about fashion, style and beauty.  I had no idea when I got into this hobby that it would be so consuming.  I enjoy it, but if I'm not careful, it could take over my life.  I want balance, I don't want to get all crazy about style/fashion/beauty blogging.  There's more to life.  However, it's a hobby I enjoy, so I'll do it as I feel like doing it.

Have a pleasant week!  I have to take care of my fine washables now.