Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning You Sure Look Fine

As it happens, I wore the Foamy "Medication Side Effects" with Pilz-E to my therapy and psychiatric sessions last week, and everyone thought it was pretty funny.  My psychiatrist asked me where I got it.  I think he wants one!

Well, the MSP challenge is long over, and I'm back buying clothes again, this time for spring.  I bought a mosaic floral sateen A-line skirt from Lane Bryant, and two V-neck elbow sleeve t-shirts (I'm expecting them to arrive today or tomorrow).  That was last week.  This morning I bought a black sateen suit set - trousers, skirt and jacket, and a refined denim suit set - also jacket, trousers and skirt.  I also bought a purple cardigan to go with the mosaic floral skirt.  I am SET FOR SPRING!!!  BRING IT ON, HOT WEATHER!!!  I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU!!!  I AM PREPARED.  Even better, Lane Bryant had a coupon sale going on, and I got $75 off my first order (I placed two orders today, because I forgot to get some items the first time), with free shipping to the store, and I saved $25 off my second order, with free shipping to the store.  So really, I saved $100!  How cool is that?  If I had bought them all in one order, I only would have saved $75.  Is it wrong to feel like you got over on your favorite store?  They probably want you to feel like that, so you keep coming back.  It's like gambling - they give you a little win, a little tease, and they've suckered you in for life.  Well, with gambling, you don't actually have anything to show for your money, except a little extra cash once in a while.  With LB, at least you get good clothes.  And as I can attest, their clothes last a long time.  I only recently got rid of clothes I bought back in ... 2003?  2004?  And it wasn't because they wore out ... I realized the colors didn't look good on me.

Well, I had the Breakfast of Champions today ... you have to start the morning off right, and that means lots of fat, carbs, protein and caffeine.  I had a turkey and roast beef sandwich with mayo, washed down with diet Pepsi and Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream for breakfast.  I feel ready to take on the world.  Or at least my blog, LOL.

Well, that was too much excitement for me.  Time for a nap.