Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Wish Spring Would Get Here Already!

Winter refuses to leave.  It's nice and sunny out ... and 31 degrees.  I have the window open and I'm freezing.  I just want to air the joint out.  (Not the joints ... the joint!)  Please we have enough of that going on downstairs.  My downstairs neighbors like to light up and have friends over ... in the middle of the night.  So 3 AM I'm listening to pounding music emanating from the basement.  GAH.

It wouldn't be so bad if I weren't in the habit of waking up between 6 and 7 AM.  I used to be really neighborly and bring them their mail if I ended up in my box by accident, but now I figure I never know what I'm going to run into, so I just put it back in my mailbox with a note on it that it should go to their apartment number.  I can't be bothered.

But domestic complaints aside, as I said in my last post, I bought a boatload of stuff from Lane Bryant.  I also bought a sandblasted denim jacket from Coldwater Creek, a steal at $25.  Problem:  It's got a slight gap when I close the front buttons.  You know, the kind of gap that advertises, "My boobs are too big for this jacket, but I like it, so I'm wearing it regardless."  I had planned to get a Tencel skirt from them, and a sea blossom t-shirt (beautifully decorated with delicate embroidery, beads and sequins), but now I'm wondering - if this didn't fit, and it's their biggest size (24), will the rest of the garments fit?  Hmm, 'tis a puzzlement.

Anyway, my other worry today is that I'm picking up everything that I ordered at the Lane Bryant store and I'm concerned that a) it won't fit and I'll have to return it; b) it will look horrible on me and I'll have to return it; c) it won't go with anything else that I own and I'll have to return it.  I thought I planned the purchase very carefully, but you never know.  What looks right on the printed page can look awful in real life.

But really, if these are my biggest problems in life (they're not, just the ones I'm worried about right now), that's not so bad.  My REALLY biggest problem is health insurance, or the lack thereof, but who wants to hear about that in a style/fashion/beauty blog?

As far as size goes, I can take anything from a size 22 to a size 28.  In the last Coldwater Creek purchase I made, I bought 2 size 22 cardigans that were big on me, and a size 24 jacket that was also a little big.  So this came as a surprise.  I really like the denim jacket.  Hmmm.