Friday, February 18, 2011

The Company Store Puts the Kabosh on My Spending

I became achingly aware that I need new sheets, a new duvet and a new duvet cover, and I figured, "Why not get a Euro sham, too?"  Free monogramming was being offered, so of course, to avoid confusion in the laundromat, I had everything but the fitted sheet monogrammed.

The Company Store has been around for like 80 years or something ridiculous like that and really, if you have to get bedding, there's just no point in going anywhere else, in my opinion.

They were having their annual White Sale, so I was able to get flat and fitted sheets for $12.99 each, pillowcases for $23.99 a pair (I bought 2 pair, because I have three pillows), and I paid full price for the comforter, which was $129, and paid $20.99 for the Euro sham, and $47.99 for the duvet cover.  So it came to a lot of money, but I'll have everything forever, practically.  I bought my last duvet from them over 20 years ago, and it's still OK, but it's a bit lumpy, and stained.  But the fill isn't coming loose or anything.  However, it's going to have to go in the garbage once the new duvet arrives.  I don't think anyone wants my stained, well-used bedding.

So because I made that admittedly somewhat impulse purchase (I guess I could've gone without new bedding for another month - but, really, the situation is very sad) and also because I really MUST do my taxes (crazy government, always expecting to be paid!), I'm going to be not in such great financial shape this month, I think.  I still have money squirreled away, but I'd rather not touch it.  Also, the accountant is expensive and he needs to be paid, too.  I have to do two years of taxes, 2009 and 2010.  Hopefully I don't owe anything!

So, long story not very short, I'm not going to be doing much shopping from now until mid-March, unless it's for absolute necessities like food (planning on going food shopping tomorrow, but you don't want to hear about that) or household necessities or toothpaste or something, and I'm pretty well-stocked.  After a period of scarcity, it's really funny what you stock up on.  For instance, I have plenty of shower gel, scrubs, toothpaste, floss, toothbrushes, facial cleanser and skincare products.  Thanks to The Body Shop for the recent sales.

On the other hand, since I won't be doing any Internet or other pleasure-shopping, I will probably be able to read more style/fashion/beauty books and I just got a whole new slew of them in, plus I have backlog, so I'll be busy!  I also belong to a book club and I just finished "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" for that and I'm going to try to convince them to read the whole Millennium Trilogy!  STIEG LARSSON RULES!!!!  LISBETH SALANDER LIVES!!!!!  Noomi Rapace is just wonderful in that role in the Swedish movies.