Sunday, January 30, 2011

MissusSmartyPants' Great Closet Clean Out Spring 2011 and The Style File

A picture of my closet door, just to give you a rough idea of how small my closet is.  The usual very attractive apartment white color.

 This is the top section of my armoire, with the drawer pulled out.  Bottom drawer, left to right: athletic socks, colored socks, black socks, laundry bags, hospital socks (useful for puttering around the house), wool socks.  2nd shelf: more athletic socks, sweaters and knit pants, more knit pants in dark colors.  3rd shelf: workout wear, light colored tops, dark colored tops, t-shirts.  4th shelf: The Unmentionables.  Top shelf: Fleece tops, wool sweaters, summer t-shirts.
 Inside the closet, left to right:  extra hangers and a hanger for belts, dress shirts, khaki pants, jeans, black pants, brown pants, brown jacket, tweed boucle jacket (seen in Albany picture), navy chino suit, dark rinse denim jacket, black dress with white polka-dots, blue robe, scarves on hangers.
 Mostly handbags.  In the white bags and box are my Steve Madden flats.  In the Dansko box, I keep the snakeskin that my Dad brought back from New Guinea, where he was stationed during WW II.  Because you never know when you're going to need a snakeskin, and it's best to be prepared!
 The whole enchilada.
 My Style File.
 Ms. Gwyneth Paltrow, one of my style icons.  She happens to be a summer in coloring, like me.
 The sections of my Style File:  Wardrobe/Closet Tips, Color, Fabrics/Textures/Patterns, Personal Profiles (from MissusSmartyPants), Lingerie, Hair/Makeup/Skincare/Scent, Outfits: Business Casual, Outfits: Casual, Outfits: Dressy, Accessories: Footwear, Accessories: Handbags, Accessories: Jewelry/Neckwear, Accessories: Belts/Hats/Gloves, Outerwear, Articles, Glossary.
 Closet organization tips.
Ms. Gabourey Sidibe, another style icon.  I think she is just so radiant and beautiful.
Ms. Reese Witherspoon, another style icon who is also a summer.  Yes, I would so definitely wear that outfit!
 From the Fabrics/Textures/Patterns section.  I love animal prints!
 Ms. Anne Hathaway from the Hair/Makeup/Skincare/Scents section.
 The donation bag for Vietnam Veterans of America.
 I am releasing this dreadful book to the donation pile.
This one, too.  Truly a stomach-turning adventure.

So now you've caught a little glimpse of my apartment.  It's getting there, it's getting there!  This is actually the smallest closet I've ever had.  If the housing program hadn't put the armoire in there, I'd have nowhere to put the rest of my clothes.  Still, I have to acknowledge that I have a lot of stuff for one person, even after getting rid of a lot of it.  Especially books.  I think I have a book-buying disorder, LOL - bibliomania.  I took the MissusSmartyPants challenge of not buying any clothes for a month (the month is up 2/26/2011) and so far I'm sticking to it.  I have everything I need, even clothes for Spring.  Now I just need shoes and a Spring/Summer handbag.  I need casual sandals, dress sandals, dress shoes and loafers.  I really want some Dansko clogs, too.  I had a pair back in 2003-2006, but when I moved in 2006, I thought I would never wear them again because I had such foot problems.  The foot problems are gone, but so are the shoes!  I got rid of them in the move.